Who is an Affiliate?

The GOMIO.COM Affiliate System allows you to use the hostel availabilities and the credit card confirmed booking system of GOMIO.COM on your own websites.

What are the benefits of being our Affiliate?

  1. It is absolutely FREE to join!
  2. You earn a negotiated percentage of the deposit that is taken during the booking process!
  3. You offer more service for visitors!
  4. You increase your current website traffic!
  5. You build a solid business foundation!

How do you become an Affiliate?

  1. Send us an email with your enquiry!
  2. Receive a confirmation letter from GOMIO.COM!
  3. Receive the Affiliate link from GOMIO.COM!
  4. Add this link to your website!
  5. Decide on the countries or cities you want to present!
  6. Get income from instant bookings and check your revenue 24/7!