GOMIO.COM is a portal for confirmed credit card bookings all over the world.

What makes GOMIO.COM unique and special?

  • From Hostels for Hostels- we are owned by hostels hence provide our members an unlimited knowledge base
  • The cheapest booking portal – for hostels and for guests
  • An impartial and independent institution representing hostels and third parties
  • No booking fee for the customer
  • Hostel friendly - Born from a European Hostel Association, Organizing the World Hostel Conference, No additional booking fee!
  • Provider of CRP (customized reservation page) FOR FREE
  • User friendly – reliable reservation and booking system
  • Perfect Costumer Service
  • More features for users on the new website

Special Products

CRP (customised reservation page)

The CRP is a FREE booking interface that easily allows you to receive confirmed credit card bookings through your own website.
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Affiliate System

The Affiliate system allows you to offer worldwide hostel bookings on your website and also help you generate income.
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GOMIO.COM Hostelsoftware

The Hostelsoftware from GOMIO.COM is a tailor made reservation Software especially for Hostels with a special offer where you can save real money.
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