Cieszyn – pitstop between Krakow and Prague

Everyone during the long trip needs a break. Especially, when you travel from places full of attractions, city buzz, crazy nightlife to the similar one – places like Krakow and Prague. It’s good to relax a bit, recover in the peaceful atmosphere, charge your batteries and finally get ready for a busy time and another […]

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The full beauty of Barcelona from the plane – Hostels in Barcelona

Your trip to Barcelona starts at your airport. No…actually it starts with your check-in! Book your hostel with Gomio and your travels start right away. With the Godashboard integrated Social Travel Application Who Else Will Be There you can check out who else will be in the same hostel and destination as you to contact […]

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Things to see in Barcelona

Barcelona is a city which is packed with sightseeing hot spots. Besides being a metropolis, it also lies on the beach and is framed by mountains. What more can you ask for – Book your trip and the best hostels with Gomio and jump into a great city right on the Mediterranean. Pablo Picasso, Joan […]

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