Visit Sevilla: Five Things You Will Love & Hate about Visiting Seville, Spain

Sevilla is a beautiful destination with a remarkable history. It has the unique architecture-mix of Christianity and Islamic influence, but that is a different story. Nowadays, Seville is famous for its hot summers, for its special Andalusian lifestyle and – of course – flamenco. Mark from Waltersworld.com has these useful and short videos about 5 […]

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Traveling to Negev – Hostels and Tours

If you are looking for Israels Desert experience, Negev is the place to be. This area will highly impress you: Waterfalls at Ein Gedi, beautiful hiking treks, breathtaking sunrises. Gomio recommends you to join some hiking tours, or even Camel Tours. Stay at a Hostel to get the best local information about Israel and Tours […]

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What to do in Trinidad

Trinidad is located in central Cuba, around 300km south-east from Havana, and 600km north-west from Santiago de Cuba. Since 1988, the city of Trinidad has been declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city center of Trinidad is quite small and you can reach everything by foot. 1. Nightly Salsa Dances At the main […]

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Cuba Travel 101 – where to stay in Cuba

You are interested in traveling to the biggest Caribbean island? There are several things you need to know before traveling to Cuba. We collected some questions and answers about accommodation in Cuba to start your Cuban experience calmly. 1. What kind of accommodation can you book on Cuba? Budget accommodations in Cuba are not classic […]

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Cieszyn – pitstop between Krakow and Prague

Everyone during the long trip needs a break. Especially, when you travel from places full of attractions, city buzz, crazy nightlife to the similar one – places like Krakow and Prague. It’s good to relax a bit, recover in the peaceful atmosphere, charge your batteries and finally get ready for a busy time and another […]

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How to save money from Prague to Krakow

Cheap traveling through the eastern Europe has it’s secrets. Direct train connections between the main tourist destinations seems to be OK from the foreign tourist’s point of view – train ticket’s prices looks quite reasonable. However, for the eastern European standards they’re really expensive and it’s possible to save a lot of money on your […]

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Hostels at Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, Spain

Have you booked your hostel in Barcelona, Spain? Then you definitely need to visit La Sagrada Familia – the most famous building by Antoni Gaudi, the famous Catalan architect. If you want to visit and see it from inside we recommend going early in the morning at 9am, when it opens up. Here you will […]

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