10 Things you need to prepare for your travel trip to Malta – Traveling Gozo, and Comino

Backpacking Malta is a beautiful experience, but the Malta trip needs some preparing in advance. While other destinations are easy to handle and you can do a lot of things spontaneously, you might want to prepare your Malta experience in advance. Why? Although the island of Malta is tiny, it hides a lot of unexpected surprises for its visitors such as prehistoric monuments (#1 Hypogeum of Ħal-Saflieni), dozens of festivals, and awesome hostels! Here are 10 Things you need to prepare for your travel trip to Malta!

Preparing Backpacker Trip to Malta

1. Book “Hypogeum of Hal-Saflieni” in advance

Let’s start with the most important part you have/ want to prepare for your backpacking trip to Malta: Book your ticket for “Hypogeum of Hal-Saflieni” in advance! This temple is the only known prehistoric World Heritage Site in Maltaunderground temple in the whole wide world.

Even if you may not be interested in Museums, cultural things and so on, this Hypogeum in Malta can change your idea. Instead of watching some “old stuff” in some display cases, you will actually experience pre-history by entering a 5000 years old underground building with several layers. The lowest level is 15 meters deep and will bring you to the part they call today “Holy of Holies”. You can find more information at their homepage at heritagemalta.org/museums-sites/hal-saflieni-hypogeum, but be aware: spoiler alert!

You can book the temple “Hypogeum of Hal-Saflieni” here directly at booking.heritagemalta.org.

2. Bring some sturdy beach shoes

Even Malta has some sand beaches, most of the time you will find rocks and stones at the beach. Those can hurt and you can get prepared by just bringing some sturdy beach shoes. Those will help you to walk around smoothly plus you can swim with them as well. If you do not like those swim shoes, no worries. You can still go to the water and walk around, just take care. Nevertheless: We from Gomio.com recommend sturdy beach shoes for Malta!

Comino Backpacking - Hostels in Comino

3. Book your hostel in Malta in advance

There are very cool Hostels in Malta. Usually those hostels are smaller and they do not have that many beds and just a few private rooms. If you are looking for a top hostel in Malta, we from Gomio highly recommend you to book in advance. Otherwise you might not stay at a local hostel and may have to switch to a different type of accommodation. Plus you may miss the chance to stay at the coolest hostels around Malta. Find and book all hostels around Malta here.

Hostels in Malta

4. Bring a converter

It is well-known that Malta was a British colony but somehow, people seem to miss this fact somehow. Malta uses the UK three pin square plugs, so you may need to bring an adaptor for your laptop, and smart phone. If you miss your adaptor/ converter at home you shouldn’t worry. Your hostel in Malta will be happy to help you out!

5. Cars drive on the left side

Another influence from the British island and still remaining is the left-hand traffic in Malta. If you are planning to rent a car to get around Malta, you should think about this fact. The indicators are on the right site, the control stick is on the left (obviously), and the safety belt is waiting for you on your right site. Anyhow, the car usually still has 4 wheels and one steering wheel.

Cars in Malta - Driving on the left side

6. Prepare your skin – sun cream + hat

Malts is located on the Malta has a Subtropical–Mediterranean climate which means in a nutshell: bring your sun cream! Malta during winter has a very mild weather, but the summer are warm to hot!

Hot Summer in Malta

7. Bring a good camera

Well, fair enough to say that beautiful destination always deserve to take beautiful shots! And Malta is such a beautiful place to take stunning travel photos! Here you will have the chance to take awesome travel photos. From the “Caribic Island”, the Azur Window, the narrow streets of Valletta, or a stunning Sunset…CLICK!

Photography Malta - Backpacking and Travel Gozo Azur Window

8. Fruit and vegetables are expensive

Compared to the other Mediterranean countries e.g. Spain, fruits and vegetables in Malta are kind of expensive. Three apples can cost around 1,80€. Gomio recommends you to check out local markets. Here you can find vegetables produced in Malta, those are most likely cheaper than the supermarket plus you are supporting the local industry. And important issue for a backpacker!

Food in Malta - Fruits and Vegetables

9. Maybe bring a tent? Sleeping in Comino

If you are planning to visit the small island of Comino (You definitely should do that!) you might be interested as well to sleep in Comino as well! Yes, this is possible! You can go on a camping site on Comino, place your tent, and enjoy the tiny and beautiful island by day and night! Just bring your tent and you are ready to go. You have to take a boat to go to Comino. There are different offers of boat companies and they all cost around 10€ for both ways. The latest boat brings you back to island of Malta by around 18 o’clock (6 p.m.). This means if you stay here you will be able to swim around this “Caribic island” of the Mediterranean without anybody else!

Sleeping in Comino - Hostels

10. Calm down and get prepared for the island vibe

Malta is easy-going! Every hostel traveler will love this island by heart! Get prepared to walk around without shoes, don’t pack to much clothing, ’cause you will not need it! If you are planning to travel around the island you should talk with your hostel mates. Maybe you can share a car and save some extra money on that?

Last but not least…

Are you looking for any hostel in Malta, or do you need any hostel recommendation for Sliema, Valletta, or anywhere around Malta? We from Gomio would be happy to help you! Just contact us through our Live Chat here.