5 Local Things To Do in Malta and Sliema for Backpackers

Malta is a Top Backpacker Destination for travelers! The small island in the Mediterranean sea is, compared to other summer destinations in Europe, a cheap destination every budget traveler will love! We from Gomio.com collected 5 local things to do in Sliema and Malta. And psssst…if you are preparing your backpacking trip to Malta, read our guide “10 Things you need to prepare for your travel trip to Malta” – here you will find the best tips for Malta and what you need to prepare to get the most out of your Malta trip!

Now, let’s get started with the 5 Local Things to Do in Malta!

Backpacking Malta - Traveler Hostels

1. Join some street festival

Maltese people love street festivals! Watch out for some street festival and join. During summer you will find numerous street festivals around Malta and Sliema. Check if there is any festival next to your place in Sliema and check it out! Those events are often combined with a local market, and sometimes even bric-a-brac markets. You can buy handmade jewelry made in Malta, some beautiful paintings (if they fit into your luggage…), and more. Have a drink in the streets of Sliema, or any other town around Malta and enjoy the easy-going island ambient.

2. Art and Design Hostel Jones

The most local place to stay for backpackers in Malta is Hostel Jones. This hostel is a truly social hostel combining the local art and ambient with the hostel style of traveling. More than 95% of all materials used to construct this hostel in Sliema is recycled material. So it is not just a social and bohemian place to hang out, it is also a green hostel. You can find and book Hostel Jones right here with your exclusive hostel booking platform Gomio.com

Hostel in Sliema - Hostel Jones Design

3. Take the sun on the beach

Even the beach in Sliema is not a sandy beach, you can take the sun, and go for swimming. Locals do it all the time, and there is plenty of space to do so. Just be aware that topless sunbathing is forbidden in Malta, and maybe you want to bring some beach shoes with you. This way you can walk around the rocks more comfortable.

Local beach in Sliema

4. Keep calm and smile – like locals do

This is very, very surprising for every backpacker visiting Malta. Most of the time touristic destinations aren’t famous for their friendly locals. Tourists are mostly ignored, backpackers and travelers like you may have had those experiences in some travel destinations. But not in Malta. Maltese locals are mostly easy-going, and happy to help you. Just ask a local for the direction if you need to, or maybe even a recommendation for a restaurants.

Pssst: Don’t take this point to serious! 😉

Ice Cream in Malta

5. Eat at Local Restaurants for a decent price

In Malta for every football club it is quite common to have an own restaurant, or bar, and the food is delicious. Gomio recommends you to check out the restaurant of “Sliema Wanderers Football Club”. There are no tourist crowds, and you can sit in a calm, green, and neat back yard right in the heart of Sliema. Enjoy the delicious food, and relax!

Restaurant Sliema Wanderes Football Club

Last but not least we from Gomio.com want to show you the city of Sliema on a map. You can easily walk around, e.g. from Hostel Jones to the Restaurant of Sliema Wanderers FC it will take you 10-15 minutes.

Map of Sliema - Hostel Jones and Restaurant

Summary What To Do in Sliema

Backpacking in Sliema is fun and it’s a great place to stay at. Staying at a Budget Accommodation or Hostel in Sliema will add value to your travel experience. From Sliema you can also easily discover Malta, jump over to Pacevile for some parties, and Valetta for visiting some museums.

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