Seville Travel Videos and Backpacking

Videos are a great way to get an idea about a city, although some people don’t like to see the destination in so many details before arriving. We understand both parts. Never the less, Seville is such a beautiful city, that there are naturally dozens of great backpacker videos about Sevilla. Your Team at Gomio.com collected some of the best Videos about Seville to enjoy.

The Beauty and Romance of Sevilla Spain

Even this video about Sevilla is not available in the best quality, it still gives you an idea about the city and the feeling of Seville. The Palace of Alcazar, the tower of Giralda, and playing students in the park – this travel video of Seville is an authentic view to the capital of Andalusia.

Detailed Travel Video about Seville

This video covers more details about Seville. GlobeTrotter Jon Haggins takes the “Andaluse Train”. He is moderating in an authentic way, talking to locals about their city, and what makes Seville is a special place. Even the video begins with a short presentation of a hotel, we recommend you, of course, to stay at a Hostel in Seville. Hostels in Sevilla have a high-standard and are usually very social. You can find hostels with a roof top terrace, a swimming pool, a lots of activities and more. Check out the best hostels in Sevilla here.

Seville A walking tour around the city

This video is a mix of a photo slideshow and actual videos taken in the city. This videos gives you an idea about different places to visit in Seville such as Royal Alcazar and its gardens, Archbishop palac, Torre del Oro (Gold tower), and Basilica of La Macarena.

History of Andalusia

If you are into history and you would like to learn more about the highly interesting history of Seville, Andalusia, Spain, and finally Europe, then this video is for you. Do you know where the term “Andalusia” comes from? Do you know which religions were fighting for this part of today’s Spain? This documentary will give you some answers.

“They called the country “Al Andalus”. This is an arabic word and it means something to the effect of to become green at the end of summer.” – History Of Andalusia