Everything is possible: Discover Amsterdam

If you are booking with Gomio for your first stay in the city, you will probably ask yourself one question: what to do in Amsterdam?

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The answer is simple: basically everything. Amsterdam is famous for being an open, tolerant and permissive city, where activities that are illegal in other parts of the world are left at one’s discretion here.
We are talking, of course, of the coffee shops and red light district that warm up the Amsterdam nightlife. You’ll find all these, along with many Amsterdam clubs, in the heart of the city: the district of De Wallen, where Gomio hosts many hostels. Amsterdam clubs are open until 5:00am at weekends.

But there’s a lot do during the day too. First, get around the city like an Amsterdammer:

1. Rent a Bicycle

Look for the hostels available on Gomio that offer bike rentals, and hop on. Exploring the city on two wheels is a wonderful experience; indeed cycling is by far the funniest, fastest and safest way to get around the city, even if you are not usually a cyclist. Just take a couple of minutes to learn the rules of the road and plan your trip, and be ready for a truly Dutch experience!

2. Canal Cruise

Do not miss taking a canal cruise either. The concentric canals around the city center are arguably the most charming feature of the city, so hop on a boat and relax as 17th-century mansions, quirky houseboats, humpbacked bridges and stunning architecture pass before your eyes.

How to find cheap Hostels in Amsterdam

Hostels in Amsterdam are usually quite expensive comparing to the cities around Amsterdam. Nevertheless, we from Gomio.com got you covered. Find all cheap Hostels in Amsterdam right here and get the best out of your amsterdam-experience!