Visit Sevilla: Five Things You Will Love & Hate about Visiting Seville, Spain

Sevilla Backpacking TipsSevilla is a beautiful destination with a remarkable history. It has the unique architecture-mix of Christianity and Islamic influence, but that is a different story. Nowadays, Seville is famous for its hot summers, for its special Andalusian lifestyle and – of course – flamenco.

Mark from Waltersworld.com has these useful and short videos about 5 things you will love and “hate” about several destinations. And he produced also a short video about the Andalusian capital of Seville. Let’s have a look on those tips around Seville.

5 Things you will “hate” about Sevilla

1. Heat in summer

Seville is hot! Even it is Spain, and people visiting Spain might be looking for summer and sun, Seville can be very warm, well, very hot! During July and August the weather can rise to more than 45°, and you will have to drink a lot of water, and relax during the main sun hours (usually from 12 o’clock to 15 o’clock).

Seville gets the hottest temperatures of anywhere in Europe during summer, and the city is even more empty than Madrid, the capital of Spain. So, if you come to Seville during summer, please stay hydrated, and get enough water.

Hot Summers in Sevilla

2. Pickpockets – Take care

Take care about your money, wallet, phones, and every belongings. There are a pickpockets around Seville just waiting for tourists not paying attention. Make also sure that nobody tries to hug you out of the sudden, just to mention an example how people can get ripped off. Even it might look friendly, and easy-going, those things can be tricks by pickpockets. Keep your eyes open, but at the same time don’t fall into any paranoia. Enjoy Seville, and just be aware of the situation.

Don't take the car inside Sevilla

3. Driving a car is not fun

The city of Seville is full of one-way streets, and there is a huge lack of parking spots. If you come here by car, be prepared! Take out your GPS and try to find your way. Good luck!


4. Sevilla is packed with tourists!

Popular Tourist Destination SevilleThere are a lot of tourists hordes visiting Seville. That means long waiting lines, overpriced restaurants and scams. It’s hard to have your very own Seville-moment. Be aware about that.


5. Expensive – compared to rest of Spain

Food (e.g. tapas) and drinks (e.g. “cañas“) are more expensive, compared to the rest of Spain and especially the region. Even Madrid and Barcelona are also expensive tourist destinations, the region around Seville is actually quite cheaper than its capital of Seville. Therefore this fact is quite surprising. Take this into account!

5 Things you will love about Sevilla

Let’s have a look on the bright site of traveling to Seville.

1. Great sights!

Placa España, Monuments of the Spanish Civil War, the famous cathedral with its bell tower of Giralda, the old town….oh, where to stop! This city offers a lot to discover. And interesting fact about the cathedral of Seville: the cathedral is also the burial site of Christopher Columbus – that is what they at least tell there. Find out yourself the story about Christopher Columbus in the cathedral.

Popular Tourist Destination Seville

2. A lot of accommodation and awesome Hostels

Altough Seville can be expensive, there are good news for backpackers: A lot of hostels in Sevilla offer great services, and still fair prices. From Roof Top terrace, to swimming pool, free activities, and tours – Sevilla is a great place for hostel traveler. Find all cheap and top hostels in Seville here at Gomio. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Gomio team directly via Live Chat.

swimming pool at Oasis Backpacker Hostel in sevilla

3. Great nightlife

Whether you want to sit in a bar having some tapas and a cool drink, Seville is a great place to do so. There are also numerous cool nightclubs, so if you are into clubbing, you can rock Seville. Last but not least you can also visit some theaters or a flamenco show. Other than the rest of Spain, Andalusia the authentic place to visit a flamenco show. So don’t miss this if you have the chance.

4. Easy transport to discover Andalusia

From Seville you can discover Andalusia easily. Just 45 minutes by train to Cordoba, and also just 45 minutes to the small and beautiful city of Cadiz. You can also go easily to Malaga and Granada to visit the famous Alhambra. Seville is a great starting point to get to discover Andalusia. Check out the train schedule at Renfe to get to know more details about transport from Seville.

5. Beautiful historic district

Walk around the historic district! The Old Town and especially Santa Cruz district invites you to have a smooth walk around the small streets of the old town, and enjoy the atmosphere. Sit down in a restaurant, order some tapas and a beer (caña), and just watch the people passing by.