Amsterdam – a shopping haven


Since many roads in the city center are closed to cars, shopping is one of the most pleasant things to do in Amsterdam. There are several shopping areas in the city, each one with its own personality and charm, but all at hand with the many accommodation options that Gomio offers.


The first and foremost of Amsterdam’s shopping hubs is the street tandem formed by Nieuwedijk and Kalverstraat, an ideal area to shop for clothes, sportswear, music and gifts. If you are out for something more original, try De Negen Straatjes (‘The Nine Little Streets’), with plenty of designer boutiques, vintage stores and specialty shops, all in a most picturesque location. Also try Utrechtsestraat if you are seeking some trendy stuff. Or leave your Amsterdam map at the hostel and spend an afternoon getting lost in the maze of tiny streets in the heart of the bohemian-yuppie Jordaan neighborhood, where you’ll stumble upon second-hand stores, artists’ studios, small boutiques and many Amsterdam bars.


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