Traveling to Negev – Hostels and Tours

Negev Desert - beauty of Nature in IsraelIf you are looking for Israels Desert experience, Negev is the place to be. This area will highly impress you: Waterfalls at Ein Gedi, beautiful hiking treks, breathtaking sunrises. Gomio recommends you to join some hiking tours, or even Camel Tours. Stay at a Hostel to get the best local information about Israel and Tours to join.

What to do in Negev

It’s highly recommended to take a Tour through and around Negev! Around Negev you will find beautiful trails such as foot hikes, mountain bike trails, 4X4 jeep tours and obviously camel tours.

The Mamshit Camel Ranch is an ideal location to begin a Negev desert tours. The Camel Ranch Israel is located in the middle of the Negev between Be’er Sheva and the Dead Sea, between the “Maktesh Hagadol” (Big Crater) and the “Maktesh Hakatan” (Small Crater).

Camel Tours in Negev

Children on a camel Tour in Negev

The Camel Ranch is extremely proud of their herd of riding camels, the largest and well-cared herd in Israel. The careful training of their camels make it possible for guests in Negev to enjoy friendly, patient camels. And thanks to their specially designed saddles the camel tours of Camel Ranch are suitable for people of all ages and are intended for the entire family.
And it’s important to mention: There is no prior experience needed. Tours range from one hour to a few days and all  include guidance about the fauna, flora and history of the Negev. All tours begin and end at the camel ranch in Negev, Israel. Here is more information and awesome photos of the desert and tours in Negev. You will find here amazing impressions around Negev and its beautiful nature.

Travel video about Negev and the Camel Ranch

How to get to Negev

Negev is located in the Eastern-Negev near the ruins of ancient Mamshit, a two-hours drive from Tel Aviv, 40 minutes from the Dead Sea and 25 minutes from Be’er Sheva.

How to get to Negev - The Backpacking Camel Tour


Driving from North Israel to Negev

Drive south on Road 40 until the Goral Junction,  turn left and continue on Road 40 to Sara Junction-and turn left to Road 25, driving past Moshav Nevatim, the Aruar Junction and Dimona. At the first junction, 7 km after Dimona, turn right to Mamshit and after 100 meters  turn left to the camel.

Driving from Dead Sea to Negev

Drive south on Road 90 to the HaArava Junction and then drive along Road 25. Turn left to Mamshit 1.5 km after Rotem Junction(7 km before Dimona) and after 100 meters later turn left again to the camel ranch.




Public transportation to Negev

Bus from Tel-Aviv to Eilat via Beer – Sheva (394),  stop near the ranch at Mamshit cross road ( one station after Dimona).
Bus from Beer – Sheva to Eilat (397) stop near the ranch at Mamshit cross road ( one station after Dimona).
Bus from Be’er Sheva to Dimona (048) every 30 minutes.

There is also a train from Tel-Aviv to Dimona you have to change trains at Be’er Sheva North/ University.

Negev Camel Ranch in Negev

Camel Ranch Hostel in NegevNegev Camel Ranch offers a unique stay in Negev. The Camel Ranch is a working farm where you can take camel-back excursions into the Neghev desert for just one hour, or up to 2 days. You will get full information about everything to do in the area of Nagev. If you fancy a traditional, vegetarian evening meal, you have to request it in advance. Also, there is a big area with just hammocks where you can read, relax, and just enjoy the atmosphere at the Hostel in Negev.
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Important to note: All huts of Negev Camel Ranch are non-smoking. For meals please order in advance of 2 days minimum before the arrival date.