Amsterdam: a city for international palates

Every Amsterdam travel guide says it: if there’s one thing that Amsterdam lacks, it’s local dishes. Of course there are the cheeses: from the popular Gouda and Edam to the fantastic but less-known Leyden and Leerdammer (all of which are worth a try); there are also pancakes, sweet or savory, which the Dutch master and which you cannot miss on your visit. Nevertheless, although there are no unique Amsterdam foods to seek out, palate-driven travellers booking with Gomio will still have plenty of varied food to enjoy.

Backpackers visiting Amsterdam will surely enjoy the ubiquitous Indonesian cuisine. There are plenty of restaurants throughout the city, which offer great inexpensive traditional Indonesian dishes with a Dutch touch. There are also plenty of Argentine restaurants around the city center, which are ideal for meat-lovers although not for those on a very tight budget. And visitors seeking meat-free options should not worry, as the city is a haven for vegetarians, with most restaurants and bars in Amsterdam offering a meat-free option.

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