Backpacking Golan Heights and Sea of Galilee

In the northern region of Israel you can travel to the famous Golan Heights and the even more famous See of Galilee. This region of the Holy Country is for adventurers, and nature-lovers. In the region of the Golan Heights you can for rock climbing, visit beautiful waterfalls, or try to learn something new about wildflowers. Israel’s highest mountain is also located in the Golan Heights. From the Mountain Hermon (2,236 m) you will have a breathtaking view overlooking Hula Valley. The Mountain Hermon connects the three countries of Israel, Lebanon, and Syria.

Backpacker on a Biking Tour in the Golan Heights looking at Sea of Galilee

Sea of Galilee

Nearby the highest Mountain of Israel is the Sea of Galilee, Israel’s largest freshwater lake where many of Christianity’s miracles are said to have taken place, including Jesus’ walk on water.

While Israel is loaded with many, many interesting places to see, you should prioritize your travel time to things you really want to see. But be aware: Don’t just follow the travel guides for Israel and West Bank, follow your own backpacker instincts. Have some faith in your own backpacking intuition and see where your own holy path may lead you! Also, we recommend you to ask the hostels staff. Ask for special tours for travelers, and you may want to join one or two. This way you get transport, and you can meet more travelers. Usually it’s not expensive to join a Hostel Tour in Israel. Read more about Backpacking Israel and the Golan Heights here.

Top Hostel in the Golan Heights

If you are looking for a great accommodation in Golan Heights, Genghis Khan in the Golan is the place to be! Genghis Khan in the Golan is a Mongolian tents village with five Mongolian tents. Each tent at this Hostel in the Golan Heights can accommodate up to 10 people, and includes an air-conditioner and a private bathroom attached to the tent.

Awesome fact about this Hostel in the Golan Heights: Close to the kitchen is their own garden of herbs and plants that you can use to prepare your own tea!

Gengis Khan in Golan Height - Top Hostel in Golan Heights