What to do around Jerusalem

There are certain spots you can visit when you are traveling to Jerusalem. When you are looking for daily tours, this is a perfect place to be. From Jerusalem you can visit the Dead Sea for a day and float in the salty water, book daily tours to the West Bank, visit the Ein Gedi Nature Reserve, and a lot more. We collected some cool daily trips from Jerusalem you should consider to join!

The Dead Sea Tour from Jerusalem

Tours around Israel - Booking Abraham Hostels Jerusalem on Gomio.comThe Dead Sea is, we are sure you already know, the lowest place on Earth and is just one hour from Jerusalem. Its famous salty waters mean that you can’t swim, you just float. Tourists come to float, relax, and cover themselves in the mineral rich mud which is supposed to be healthy and nice for the skin.


Masada Tour, Jerusalem

Nearby, Masada is a fortress which stands tall above the Dead Sea. With a rich and important story, Masada was traditionally climbed at sunrise, allowing people to see the staggering site of the sun rising and reflecting off the Dead Sea, and hills of the Jordanian desert on the other side.

The Ein Gedi Nature Reserve is an oasis in the desert where you can hike through the lush greenery surrounded by sand and rock.

Masada sunrise, daily trips from Jerusalem

Day Trip to Bethlehem

From Jerusalem you can take a bus to, according to Christian tradition, the birth-town of Jesus: Bethlehem! The bus takes around 15 minutes, but be aware that you will have to pass the Palestinian-Israeli Border. Make sure you have your passport with you. When you enter the West Bank, you will find yourself in a different world. Right at the exit there’s a small market of locals trying to sell you their vegetables, fruits, and more. We recommend you to take a taxi right to the city centre. Ask specifically for the “Church of the Nativity“.

Church of Nativity in Bethlehem

The taxi will drop you off right in front of the church. You should enter the church, and don’t forget to be prepared with your camera! This place is a holy place for the Christian Religion. Therefore you may want to take some photos. You will face a huuuuuge line…but for what? The line is the waiting queue to enter the Grotto of the Nativity. If you are just a few people (1-4) there’s a trick to the skip this queue. All people (most bigger groups of pilgrims) are entering through the right, and exit to the left. If you are a small group or just individuals, you can directly go to the left (exit). The security guard always picks some individuals to enter the Grotto. Here you will find a Silver star marking, due to the Christian Religion, the exact place where Jesus was born.

Other than visiting the Church of Nativity in Bethlehem, you can move around the town a little bit. Just have a walk, it’s not that big. You can walk around the main square, which is in front of the Church of Nativity. There’s a big info board with a lot of detailed information about the history of Palestine, Israel, and the whole middle East.

Off Road Desert ATV Adventure

You can also join a breathtaking trip into the heart of the Judean Desert, combining a challenging ride through steep gorges and magnificent lookouts, with a unique insight into desert life. The Abraham Tours Desert ATV adventure could be the adventure of a lifetime! With this tour will go to the southern bank of Wadi Kelt and continue upstream to a genuine desert oasis nestled in the heart of the enormous canyon.

Tours Jerusalem - Backpacking Experiences with Desert ATV1  Off Road Desert ATV Adventure - Travel Experience in Israel with locals