What to do in Trinidad

Trinidad is located in central Cuba, around 300km south-east from Havana, and 600km north-west from Santiago de Cuba. Since 1988, the city of Trinidad has been declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city center of Trinidad is quite small and you can reach everything by foot.

Trinidad Location - White Sand Beaches, Waterfalls, Museum, and Markets

1. Nightly Salsa Dances

At the main square in Trinidad there are several times nightly Salsa Dances. The “Casa de la Múscia” (House of the Music) is an open-air location with Salsa Shows. You can learn here a little bit how to dance the real Cuban Salsa.

2. Waterfalls of Topes de Collantes

Just outside Trinidad you can find beautiful, 10 meter high waterfalls within a huge green park. During the 59s Revolution the troops of Fidel Castro hid in the Escambray mountains, same as afterwards the Anti-Castro rebels. To reach those waterfalls we recommend taking a taxi. It is cheap and the driver will bring you right to the waterfalls.

3. The beach in Trinidad

Visiting Trinidad you have to go to the beach. Why? Because it’s one of the few beaches in Cuba where you can hang out just without staying at a beach hotel or beach resort. The beach is quite close to the city of Trinidad. You can rent a bike to reach the beach on the Ancón Peninsula within 15 minutes. You can also take a cheap taxi ride to the beach, but we would recommend you renting a bike. Then you can take beautiful photos with the bikes at the beach. And anyway, to travel by bike you will see way more on your way to the beach!

Beautiful white sand beaches in Trinidad

4. Museum of War

There is a small museum in Trinidad who explains the history background of the “Topes de Collantes” waterfalls, the revolution, and the hiding in the mountains. The museum is called “Museo de la Lucha Contra Los Bandidos”, and is absolutely worth it to visit.

5. The Cathedral

Close to the main square (plaza mayor), and the old town of Trinidad, you can find the cathedral with an impressive interior decor.

6. The local market

Walk around the historical center of Trinidad, and check out the Cathedral and local market. Here you can buy especially handicrafts-drawn and clothes. It is interesting to mention that the vendors are very relaxed and they try not to make you buy. So take your time, and enjoy walking the local market in Trinidad.


Beautiful Beach photo from Trinidad