Where to eat in Munich, Germany’s gourmet capital

Germans take food seriously, and Munich is Germany’s gourmet capital. No wonder, then, that culinary creations in Munich are as highly regarded as a Bach fugue or a Durero painting. This is evident in all of Munich’s bars and restaurants: pick a map of Munich, choose a random location, and you will surely find somewhere great to eat.

Whether it is a top-class restaurant with some of the finest cuisine in Europe or a traditional, rustically-decorated place that serves home-made specialties in big portions, food is certainly one of the top Munich tourist attractions. Every Munich city guide will surely agree on this.

There are two things you can’t miss on your visit, though. One is the Weisswurst, a white sausage made of veal and pork. This local specialty pioneered fast food way before North Americans: according to a plaque in Marienplatz, it was first made by mistake by a butcher in 1857.

The other is the very amazing Hoftbräuhaus, the most famous of Munich beer halls. Although slightly touristy, the experience of sitting down under the heavy stone arches and enjoying the traditional beer and food is unique. Enjoy awesome German beer in the capital of Bavaria!


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