Cieszyn – pitstop between Krakow and Prague

Everyone during the long trip needs a break. Especially, when you travel from places full of attractions, city buzz, crazy nightlife to the similar one – places like Krakow and Prague. It’s good to relax a bit, recover in the peaceful atmosphere, charge your batteries and finally get ready for a busy time and another wild parties. How to find the best pit stop between those cities?

Hostels in Cieszyn - a Backpacker's Paradise

There is one town, directly in the middle of the way from Krakow to Prague which is possibly the best solution for all tired backpackers: Cieszyn. And there are very cool and social hostels in Cieszyn where you can recover yourself. You can get to Cesky Tesin by a direct train from Prague (4.5 hours on train, one regular ticket costs approx 15 Euro). You can get to Cieszyn by a direct bus from Krakow (3 hours of travel, one ticket costs 5 Euros). Read more about How to save money from Prague to Krakow here.

Cesky Tin or Cieszyn?

Cesky Tesin…? Cieszyn…? Are you confused? No worries – it’s the same place owning two different names!

Cieszyn (czech name: Cesky Tesin) is one town divided by the Olza river, which is also a border between Poland and Czech Republic. Used to be one town for ages, the best example of eastern European multicultural in past. There were people speaking polish, German, Czech, a lot of Jewish speaking jidish living here. Just to make the communication much easier the used also very unique local language – a specific mixture of all languages. We don’t really know how they made it – but people in multicultural Cieszyn lived in the peace for a long time, and ethnic problems simple did not exist here. Harmony was broken after the first world war. Both new countries – Poland and Czechoslovakia – wanted to own as much land as it’s possible. During the polish war against soviet union Czechs captured a lot of land in the region. Polish took the revenge 20 years after – when Nazi Germany entered Czechoslovakia and Czechs were simply too weak to defend.

Hostels in Cieszyn – 3 Bros Hostel

Lately the only problem was the lack of accommodation for tourist. Luckily there are Hostels in Cieszyn – the 3 Bros’ newly open, cheap, comfortable, and friendly hostel, with a very helpful local staff, happy to help you organize your free time.
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Hostel Cieszyn - 3 Bros Hostel Cieszyn

Cieszyn is an interesting and still very undiscovered place. You can’t find dozens of bars and crazy nightlife here – but if you expect that – you’d go to Krakow or Prague directly. It gives you an opportunity to relax, chill-out and recover in the beautiful historical background. And then… Krakow bars, Prague clubs are waiting for you! Relaxed after your stay in Cieszyn – you’re ready now!

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Cieszyn nowadays

Nowadays the border between both countries is located on the Olza river, but since both countries joined the Schengen deal, there is no official frontier, and it possible to walk from one to another side of the city anytime you want to. Polish side is to be more attractive for tourist – there is a historical old town and most of the tourist attractions (like famous Museum of Printing, full of old prints).

Accommodation in Cieszyn, Hostels in Cieszyn

Cieszyn is famous of the old historical city center (known as one of the oldest city in Poland). Being a part of the Austrian-Hungarian empire, got a lot of buildings from 19.century, which will remind you Vienna, or Budapest. Also, both czechs and polish called Cieszyn as a city of beer. There are two local breweries which produce really tasty beers: Sachsenberg on the Czech side, and Brackie on the polish one. Full of bars, cafeterias, restaurants serving polish, Czech, German and Sicilian food is a great place to discover unique tastes. Located on hilly areas, just near the mountains, gives the opportunity for all travelers, who like spent their time in active way. It’s a great area for skiing, cross-country, skating and snowboarding in winter, cycling and hiking in a summertime. Cieszyn is also a cultural capital in the region. There are few annual festivals here (film, theater, beer, jazz, classical music, city festival) – on that time thousands of people arrive here and change Cieszyn into the carnival party city.