How to save money from Prague to Krakow

Cheap traveling through the eastern Europe has it’s secrets. Direct train connections between the main tourist destinations seems to be OK from the foreign tourist’s point of view – train ticket’s prices looks quite reasonable. However, for the eastern European standards they’re really expensive and it’s possible to save a lot of money on your travel. Presently bus connections are getting more popular – you pay 50% of the train ticket’s costs and the time of travel is very similar. Unfortunately there are just few buses from Krakow to Prague and Prague to Krakow a day, so it’s bit difficult to get the ticket, at the expected dates.

No worries, though. There is a simple way to get from one of the mentioned cities to another, and save a lot of money. More and more popular connection is traveling through Cieszynlovely town located on the polish-Czech border, directly in the middle of the way from Krakow to Prague.

Read more about the history of Cieszyn, pitstop between Krakow and Prague, here.

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Virtual travel from Krakow to Prague

An example? Let’s take a virtual travel from Krakow to Prague. You DO NOT wait in the international ticket office at Krakow Main Train Station, you DO NOT buy a ticket for a direct train to Prague for (approx. 65 Euros).
Instead of that, simply find the Krakow Main Bus Station (located just next to the train station, to a long way!) and catch bus/minibus to Cieszyn. It takes about 3 hours to get there, and you gonna spend 20 PLN (5 Euros) on bus ticket.

Finally, you get to Cieszyn and get off the bus. Well, you may get confused where to go, so it’s always good to prepare directions, or simply ask the locals – how to get to the Czech train station? Local guy – if he’s able to understand your question and answer (focus on younger people, they usually speak English and German) – will tell you to go through the city center up to the border, and then along the main avenue on the Czech side of the city directly to the main train station in Cesky Tesin (different name – don’t be confused, it’s a different, Czech name for the same city).

It takes about 20 minutes to get from the polish bus, to the Czech train station. After all, catch the nearest train to the Czech capital (there is a few). We suggest to exchange your money on Czech korunas before buying train ticket – nice ladies at the ticket office accept only Czech currency. Ticket costs around 350-450 czech korunas (approx 15 Euro). 4.5 hours in the comfortable train and finally you’re in Prague.

Let’s make a summary

Direct train: 65 Euro – 9,5 hours of travel. Going through Cieszyn: 35 Euro – 8-9 hours of travel. What do you think?

You can check all details about directions and connections (timetable) on the newly opened 3 Bros’ Hostel in Cieszyn. Read more about the new Hostel in Cieszyn at our blog post Hostel in Cieszyn – Discover the undiscovered!

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