5 Things to see in Sevilla – Backpacking Seville

Seville means flamenco, sun, long nights, sangria, beautiful architecture, and a lot of fun for every backpacker and traveler visiting the capital of the autonomous community of Andalusia. It’s quite a pity that the city of Seville (in Spain they say “Sevilla”) is not located on the sea which is 80km more south, but therefore at least it is situated on the plain of the River Guadalquivir.

Backpacking Seville is a must if you are around this area as well as Cordoba (150 km) and Granada (250 km). As Seville and its community of Andalusia is located in the south of Spain you can image how the weather will be like during summer: Hot, hotter, Andalusia! So, catch your sun blocker, book your hostel in Sevilla with Gomio.com and explore the city of Seville. Get started with “5 Things to see in Seville“.

1. La Giralda – the center of Seville

Let’s start with the most famous sight to see in Seville: The Giralda! The bell tower of the Cathedral of Seville built in the 12th century, and actually there is also no way to miss this. It is located right in the city center and therefore it’s quite easy to find your way inside Seville. The tower of Giralda was built in Moroccan design elements inspired by the towers of the Koutoubia Mosque in Marrakesh, Morocco.

Be aware that a lot of Hostels in Seville have a roof terrace. From there you will have an amazing view over half of the city, and if you are lucky you can see la Giralda from there.
The view from a Hostel Terrace in Sevilla to la Giralda

2. Cathedral of St. Mary

The cathedral of St. Mary in Seville - Backpacking Andalusia

Don’t worry, there is not really any chance you could miss this building when backpacking to Seville. Also, there are lot of cool and cheap hostels around the cathedral, make sure you will check them out here on gomio.com!

The famous Seville Cathedral is a Roman Catholic cathedral which was finished building in the early 16th century. The church is famous for a special reason: it contains the burial of Christopher Columbus who discovered the new world – at least that’s what the Sevillianos will tell you.

And did you know that the Cathedral of St. Mary is the third-largest church in the world? Just the “Basilica of the National Shrine of Our Lady of Aparecida in Brazil and the St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City are larger than “la Catedral”. Therefore it’s not really a surprise that this monument is registered by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

3. Placa de España – Star Wars and more movies

The Spanish square in Seville, Spain is a massive semicircular structure located very close to the city center of Seville and the university of Seville. Half surrounded by beautiful buildings running around the edge, the Placa de España will impress you as much as it impressed numbers of actors and movie directors. With its numerous bridges in the inner side and the large fountain right in the center, the Spanish square of Seville has been used for filming location for two episodes of the famous Science fiction Movies Star Wars as well as for the movie “the dictator” – produced 2012 by Larry Charles.

Plaza de Espanya in Sevilla

4. Get lost in the old streets

The old town of Seville is unique. All the tiny, small streets will remember you to a labyrinth and there are many restaurants and bars where you can rest. Try to get around, but don’t get in hurry, this is Seville. Keep calm, walk slowly, drink a lot of water, and stroll around the old town of Seville.

5. University of Seville

The university of Seville has more than 70,000 students, and is therefore the second biggest university in Spain. Like every city with big universities, this influences the city with a palpable youthful exuberance. The university of Sevilla is spread out in the districts of La Macarena, La Cartuja and Nervion. Anyhow, the real highlight is the main campus edifice which is an impressive former tobacco factory.