The alternative part of Dresden

Are you looking for a Hostel in Dresden with a great location? Don’t be afraid at all booking a hostel outside of the old city of Dresden. Jump over to the other site of the river Elbe and get lost in this neighborhood called Neustadt – new town. This Neustadt is divided into two parts: Innere and Äußere Neustadt which basically means inner and outer new town.

Kunsthofpassage in Dresden, Germany

Neustadt is the alternative, artistic part of the capital of Saxony where a lot of students are living, the coolest Bars of the town are located, small cinemas waiting for you to watch independent movies from around the world, and more. And let us tell you that the food is way cheaper than in the old city where the tourists are hanging out.

Check out three things you need to see while visiting the neighborhood Neustadt, Dresden:

1. Golden Cavalier – der Goldene Reiter

The “Goldener Reiter” is probably the most famous sculpture of the city Dresden.The work of Jean-Joseph Vinache shows August the Strong as a golden Cavalier sitting on a golden horse. August the Strong was King of Poland in personal union and as August II Grand Duke of Lithuania. Augustus’s great physical strength leaded to his nicknames “the Strong,” “the Saxon Hercules” and last but not least “Iron-Hand.”

The equestrian sculpture is located on the “Neustädter Markt” square at the beginning of a shopping mile called “Hauptstraße” (main street) in the neighborhood “Neustadt”.

Golden Cavalier – der Goldene Reiter in Dresden, Germany

2. The passage of Art – Kunsthofpassage

A singing wall? YES! This beautiful piece of art is a part of a kind of “art mile” – the so-called “Kunsthoftpassage”. Just walk in and enjoy the small shops, the green small garden, and the singing blue wall which is facing another art wall in yellow. Check the schedule when the artists are performing their concert of rain or just hurry up when the rain is starting in the city of Dresden.

The famous Kunsthofpassage in the neighbourhood of Neustadt, Dresden

3. Pfund’s Dairy – Pfund Molkerei

Dresden is the city of porcelain. Therefore you will find a lot of porcelain design all over the city such as the Saxon sovereigns 300m in front of the Semper Opera, and the Pfund’s Diary. The “Pfund Molkerei” is »the most beautiful dairy shop in the world«, confirmed by an entry in the Guinness Book of Records. Founded in 1880 the hand-painted motifs all over the place on the walls, the floor, and the roof will impress you more than any picture can.

Psssst…be aware that you are not allowed to take photos inside Pfund’s dairy! Otherwise the German employees will “yell” at you – in German!

Pfund’s Dairy - Pfund Molkerei