Top 4 Things to do in Dresden

While backpacking Germany, you shouldn’t miss the city of Dresden! Located in the East of Germany, the so called “Florence at the Elbe” is such a beautiful, historic, and artistic city that you have to be careful not to fall in love with Dresden. Book your hostel in Dresden with Gomio.com and be prepared for a colorful, authentic, and alternative city!

Here are our top 4 things we think every traveler and backpacker should do and see when visiting Dresden. All of them are in walking distance from each other and you can be sure you will discover the city the best way by walking or by chance renting a bicycle in your hostel.

1. Church of Our Lady (Frauenkirche)

Talking about the city of Dresden, the Church of Our Lady might always be the number one coming to the minds of travelers and tourists.  And there is a reason for that. The Frauenkirche is one of largest churches in Europe and a magnificent example of protestant sacred architecture. During the World War II the Frauenkirche was destroyed and the ruins were left by the city and government as an anti-war memorial – that’s the official statement at least. After the reunification of East- and West-Germany the church of Our Lady in Dresden was rebuilt and completed in 2004 and 2005.

Church of Our Lady - Frauenkirche in Dresden


2. Semper Opera (Semper Oper)

In case you really want to impress a German with your German language skills, you should try it with “Sächsische Staatsoper Dresden” – this will work. The Semper Opera is the famous opera house of the Saxon State Opera. Every year all operas are sold out over the whole year which makes the city of Dresden very proud of its lovely rebuilt Opera House located near the River of Elbe close to the old city of Dresden. This Opera is in the only Opera House in the world where the name comes from its architect Gottfried Semper. And in case you are into the world of opera music you will be glad to visit this building where the major works of Richard Wagner and Richard Strauss were performed.


3. Zwinger Palace (Dresdner Zwinger)

Built in Rococo style (18-th century) the Zwinger Palace served as the orangery, exhibition gallery, and festival arena of the Dresden Court. It’s located right next to the Semper Opera, just turn right when leaving the Opera and you will hit it.
Nowadays the in German so-called “Dresdner Zwinger” is a complex of museums which contains an older Gallery, the famous Dresden Porcelain Collection, and the royal cabinet of mathematical and physical instruments, which is a museum for historic clocks and scientific instruments.

Zwinger Palace in Dresden covered in snow during winter


4. Elbe River Banks (Flussufer der Elbe)

Dresden is divided into main two parts through its river “Elbe“. Thanks to the River of Dresden people can enjoy the idyllic location on the banks of Elbe, watching the boats and ships passing the water street, and taking amazing photos of the sunset of Dresden. Also during winter-time this small piece on mother earth can be a peaceful spot to have a nice, relaxing walk through the snow of Dresden with a beautiful view to the city. The photo below was taken during winter – a beautiful, quiet atmosphere at the Elbe River Banks.

Elbe River in Dresden


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