The full beauty of Barcelona from the plane – Hostels in Barcelona

Your trip to Barcelona starts at your airport. No…actually it starts with your check-in! Book your hostel with Gomio and your travels start right away. With the Godashboard integrated Social Travel Application Who Else Will Be There you can check out who else will be in the same hostel and destination as you to contact them and make travel plans together before you even arrive.

Flying to Barcelona, Spain you should make sure you will have your seat on the RIGHT SIDE – but keep in mind: this only works for flights coming from the North of Europe!

Get the RIGHT Seat on your plane to Barcelona

Flying in toward the airport, coming from the North, you’ll probably pass Marseille, the Costa Brava, the coast of Northern Spain, and most of all, around ten minutes before your arrival to the city at the Mediterranean Sea you’ll see the full beauty and glory of Barcelona from a bird’s eye view! It’s a unique experience, so try to have it!

By the way: make sure, you will visit the mountains of Montjuic, Tibidabo, and the Parc Güell – designed by Antoni Gaudi. From each of these places you can have amazing views over the city of Barcelona!