Frankfurt – The gateway to Germany

Frankfurt Airport is Germany’s largest and the third biggest in all of Europe. Also Frankfurt, Hessen is Germany’s “secret financial capital” amazingly rich with both money and history. Excavation in and around Frankfurt are documenting that Frankfurt was an old Roman Settlement. It is also the coronation place of the German Emperors of the middle ages. Frankfurt is the city where the first freely elected parliament in Germany was established.

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And did you know that this city in the heart of Germany is the home of Germany’s national poet Johan Wolfgang von Goethe (who can be compared with England’s Shakespeare or France’s Moliere)

Fun, tourism, culture, and more!

* Frankfurt is renowned for its wide array of museums, cultural and sporting events
to choose from.

* An ideal base to visit Frankfurt’s River the huge Rhein.

* Don’t miss the Frankfurt Zoo, one of Europe’s best and biggest Zoos!

* Or if you’re more into dancing and nightlife, the world-famous nightclubs in Frankfurt feature cutting-edge electronic music stars from all over Europe and the World.



On top of its rich history, Frankfurt is definitely a shopper’s paradise.
Visit the famous Zeilstraße (Zeil street) – well known all over Germany and Europe, where you’ll find one department store after another (C&A, KAUFHOF, KARSTADT) All of them are exciting and offer an amazing range of merchandise to satisfy any taste and need.

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