What to do in Rome

So you’ve booked your hostel in Rome and wondering what to do after so much sightseeing? Do not miss a walk in Villa Borghese, a wonderful park in the heart of Rome that covers a land mass of 3½ miles in circumference. With landscape vistas over the wide-open “green lungs” of the Rome, the park is perfect for escaping the city’s heavy traffic.



When the sun goes down, fold your Rome tourist map and enjoy Rome’s warm nights. Pubs are not part of the traditional Roman culture, but since the first ones were introduced in the early 1990s, they have taken off with a bang. If you want to experience a more traditional type of Rome bar visit an enoteche (wine bar) or vini e oli, which serve wine, spirits and olive oil.
Unfortunately, the Roman nightlife falls a long way behind Berlin or London in terms of clubs. However, there’s still plenty of choice, from grungy clubs with live music or cool DJs to upmarket clubs frequented by jet-set types. In the summer, many of the larger city discos relocate to Rome’s beaches for sultry, open-air dancing. Anyway, keep in mind that nightlife Rome is expensive.


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