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Réservations gratuites à Santiago de Cuba, Cuba – Bon prix, Réservations rapides et sûres:

  • 24/9/2018, 2 nights
  • 1 Guests

Auberges Santiago de Cuba, Cuba


We offer babysitter and service of taxi for withdrawal in the airport, and excursiones inside and out of the city
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Hostel in the center of the city, with two bedrooms, one double and one for 3 people very comfortable and are private bathrooms.
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Unique location in a peaceful neighborhood with the sound of the waves of the sea. Very close we have a sailing club, an affordable restaurant at night does disco bar.
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Very quiet place with easy access to all sites in the city, around has several places of interest. Comfortable and completely independent with private entrance.
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We have a double room which can be triple at the request of the host. Our room has a private bathroom with hot and cold water in the shower. Split also has air conditioning.
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Amanecer Not available
Hostal Amanecer is a colonial house which is located in the Old Town. ¡We are waiting for you!
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Hostal de Arnulfo y Pucha Not available
Hostal de Arnulfo y Pucha in Santiago de Cuba, ¡come to visit us!
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Casa Roxy Not available
Casa, independiente
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Casa María Not available
Casa María, just a few steps to the main sites in Santiago de Cuba, offers 2 ensuite air-conditioned rooms. It is a perfect place to enjoy music, dance and local festivities.
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Casa Esperanza Not available
Casa Esperanza is located in the downtown of Santiago de Cuba, at walking distance to all the touristic places. It is a special place to stay during Carnival festivities.


Nivia Hostel Not available
Colonial house located next to the Céspedes Park, House of the Trova, House of the Music, Hotel Casa Granda and more places of interests for the tourists in Santiago de Cuba.
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Roy's Terrace Inn Not available
Hostal Las Terrazas Santiago de Cuba, budget accommodation, hostel/ B&B, clean, city center.
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