Hostel Recommendations

4. Live Chat

Get live support while searching your hostel. We will recommend you the best hostels in your town through the live chat. Just click the chat button to start the conversation.

How can I find a hostel?

1. Hostel Search Engine

Use the power of the hostel search engine. Just type in your travel destination and put your travel dates to find your hostel. In case you already found your hostel and you just want to book your hostel without any booking fee you can also type the specific hostel name and go directly to your chosen budget accommodation!

2. Hostel Recommendation via Facebook + Twitter

Trying to find the perfect Hostel can be time consuming and tough. Keep it simple and ask our hostel traveler team via several Social Channels. Write us a message on Facebook, drop us a tweet or a direct message on twitter, or contact us on one of our other channels. However you feel comfortable! We will reply you as soon as possible for your personal hostel recommendation!

3. Follow the Hostel map

The hostel map below leads you to your hostel by choosing your continent, the country you want to visit, and finally your backpacking destination.
The advantage of following the map search is to get an overview of all our hostels and destinations, and maybe you will find some inspiration for your next travels!
Gomio offers you more than 6000 hostels in 145 countries!

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