Frequently asked questions

What kind of hostels are listed on Gomio.com?

Pretty much all of them! Alongside all the hostels that agree to make their beds available on Gomio.com, we also try to list all other hostels on the website as well. If you know of any that are not listed, then let us know by sending a mail to info@gomio.com.

We will list all accommodation providers that cater in the main for backpackers and low budget travellers, and that are legal. But remember, a listing in itself is no quality statement!

Why should I pay a down payment... does it make any sense?

When making an online credit card confirmed booking on Gomio.com, you will be paying us a down payment of 10% which is included in the price for your stay - it is not any extra fee! Why does it make sense to make a down payment?

It always makes sense to confirm your booking with Gomio.com before traveling. There are certain advantages with online credit card confirmed bookings:

  • 1. You get immediate confirmation, guaranteed and secured with a confirmation number
  • 2. No hassle with phone calls and no language problems
  • 3. No additional Booking Fee, so save you internet time searching for other prices
  • 4. Cheaper than repeated international telephone calls, you could even reach us via skype or live chat if you have any questions
  • 5. You can compare directly the hostels in your destination
How much is the down payment?

The down payments for Gomio.com consist of 10% of the total price of your stay

The rest of the price for your stay you will pay directly once you arrive at your hostel.

The down payment ensures you an instant online reservation and you do not have to worry about confirmations, phone calls or arrival times (some hostels however ask for this when you make your Gomio.com booking).

Which credit cards does Gomio.com accept?

The Gomio.com booking system accepts Visa, Mastercard and Mastro credit cards.

Is my booking secure?

Yes, as secure as possible. Please check our Security Statement for more information.

Can I make a booking without a credit card?

Unfortunately this is not possible.

Can I use the credit card of someone else?

Yes you can. By accepting the Terms and Conditions of Gomio.com, you are declaring that you are legally responsible for the booking process and that you have the right to use this particular card.

How do I cancel or change my booking?

To cancel or change the details, you need to get in contact with the hostel directly. The same goes for any special requests you might have. In the confirmation email you will receive after your hostel booking you will find all information such as telephone numbers, email addresses, and directions.

You must cancel your reservation at least 24 hours before the day of arrival, otherwise the hostel is entitled to charge you for the first night of your stay. If you cancel, please keep a copy of the cancellation mail, as Gomio.com or the hostel may require the proof that you have cancelled.
Please note:
If a hostel has special term and conditions, they will be detailed in your booking confirmation email and they will supersede Gomio’s general cancellation policy.

Is the down payment refundable?

This is a standard, non-refundable down payment.

How can I rank a hostel or write reviews?

The rankings and reviews on Gomio.com are written by people who have made a booking through Gomio.com, and therefore we can be sure that the people writing the reviews have actually been there. Once you have made a booking with Gomio.com, we will send you all the necessary information in order to rank and review the hostel by email.

Do you censor?

No! Although we do allow the hostel owners a right of reply! Seriously, only reviews can get removed if they use overly insulting or discriminatory language, or break local law for any reason. We urge people, when they make their reviews, to try and describe their experience, even if it is a bad one, rather than simply rant and rave.

Reviews and ratings are very important for hostels and influence the decision-making of their potential guests. Hostels have the right to get a fair description of what the reviewer liked and disliked a place, and other travellers who read it have that right as well. This is the only way to improve hostels in general.

In certain cases we will make sure that the reviewer actually stayed at the place, and check the accuracy of any factual claims made by a reviewer.

Can I trust the information on this site?

We promise that we are absolutely impartial regarding any individual hostel, but support hostelling in general. Our founding principle is total impartiality, even towards the hostels that run this portal.

As for the other information on the website, with regards the articles and country guides etc, we make every endeavour to make sure all information is up to date, but if you spot an error let us know, we always love to hear feedback! The email address is info@gomio.com.

I own a hostel and want to be listed on Gomio.com... how?

Sounds great! You want your hostel to become more popular and to have more bookings, you want also to generate more income and to network with more business partners… then just fill out our regsitration form and join Gomio.com for free! http://www.gomio.com/b2b/Register.aspx

Where can I find the terms and conditions for this Website?

You can find the Terms & Conditions of the service right here.

I need more help! How do I contact you guys?

Glad you want to get in contact with us. Please find below several ways to get in contact with us:

+34 93 487 96 75