Credit Cards are the most convenient way to make payments on the internet. They are internationally accepted and they offer a high level of security if handled with necessary care.

At Gomio.com we put security for our customers first. This is particularly important to us if we handle sensitive information, like your credit card details.

To ensure your security and to protect you from abuse we have taken a number of steps to make your financial transactions with Gomio.com as safe as possible for you. Please take a couple of minutes to read through this. If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact us at info@gomio.com.


On the internet like every where else it is important that you know whom you do business with. Gomio.com is the backpacking portal of Creacions Ezak Blau, S.L. The company is registered in Spain and has its head office in Barcelona .


Gomio.com uses up to date security standards to protect your information. We use the highly sophisticated SSL encryption technology to transfer your information to our security server. SSL means “Secure Sockets Layer”. This standard sets rules for communication over the internet. They include data encryption, authentication and data integrity to make sure, your data gets only where you want it to go and nobody else can access this information.


Gomio.com has technology partnerships with only the most trusted companies. This enables us to process your payment directly as an Ipayment partner. There is no external service provider involved and no further transfer of sensitive information. It is processed from our secure server directly.

In order to guarantee the highest security level possible, you should update your internet browser frequently and monitor the security settings of the computer you are working on.

So what information does Gomio.com collect?

And what happens to it?

Gomio.com is an information portal with online bookings. If you want to make a reservation with one of the member hostels of Gomio.com, we need your name and your email address to send confirmation of your booking to you. If your booking is for more than one person, we need this information from the lead customer only. This information will be transferred to us SSL encrypted and stored safely on our secure server.

For payment we need a valid credit card as well. We need the card type, number, expiration and name as it appears on the card. We will charge our service fee from this credit card but not the price for accommodation or any other charges from third parties. For that reason Gomio.com will not transfer this sensitive information to third parties on a regular basis.

However, your credit card details are stored on the secure server of Gomio.com for a period of up to 30 days after the arrival date of the last reservation you made. This is important because your credit card is used to secure your reservation and can be charged by the hostel in case of no show if you have not cancelled a booking. For more details see our Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Statement.