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Gomio collected for you the best hostels in Moshi, Tanzania on budget. Whether you are looking for a youth hostel, or hostels in Moshi for every age, we have got you covered. In all of our hostels you have the opportunity to meet and connect with your fellow travellers before arrive to your budget accommodation in Moshi. Find the best hostels Moshi with the cheapest prices and confirm your booking through an online reservation. Enjoy Moshi!

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Hostels in Moshi, Tanzania


We run Hostel where our volunteer and other clients stay; our Hostel house is in Shanty Town which is an area of Moshi just 2 miles from the town center.
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Kitolie Home is a family-run lodge for guests and visitors, 5 minutes by car from Moshi town center. At your service with a smile.

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We are friendly, close to town, every room includes hot water and en suite bathroom/shower facilities. Many social areas, no curfew, free breakfast! Cheap rates for long stays.

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Karibu Hostel Not available
Big and nice hostel with great ambient, volunteers and backpackers get together to share experiences.
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Eco Africa Not available
Our rooms are clean and welcoming house for every one, a nice family living house where you meet people of different nationalities, back ground for cultural exchange and experience
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