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Rwanda is in the heart of Africa and is defined by its diverse landscapes. It has beautiful green mountains that dip into valleys with large lakes and nearby savannahs. It also has a wide range of wildlife to accompany their assortment of land. Rwanda is a very culture rich place and the people keep their culture alive through song, dance, storytelling and art.

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Rwanda Gisenyi Town, Rwanda - Discover Rwanda Gisenyi Beach
Dorms from: 15,12€ | Doubles from: 22,24€
Rwanda Kayonza, Rwanda - Discover Rwanda Kayonza Eco-Lodge
Dorms from: 8,90€ | Doubles from: 26,69€
Rwanda Kigali, Rwanda - Discover Rwanda Youth Hostel
Dorms from: 13 522,23€ | Doubles from: 15 012,34€