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There are some terrific bargains to be found at German trains. For example, for 37€ you get the “Schönes-Wochenende-Ticket”, which is good 'one day' on the weekend (i.e., until a few hours after midnight of the next day) all over Germany back and forth as much as you please and for up to 5 persons travelling together!

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Travelling is an experience for relaxing, learning and having fun. It isn’t necessarily the shortest, quickest, easiest or most practical route, but rather one that allows us to learn and enjoy everything that surrounds us in a new destination.
Let’s start a new philosophy that can fulfil us by experiencing new sensations while we move and travel along our way. Cruise through the unending canals of Venice in a vaporetto or a gondola and reach hidden corners while listening to our gondolier sing an operetta.
Rent a bike in Amsterdam and ride down streets and alleys at your own pace while surrounded by the passers-by going their own way. Get on the red double-decker busses of London and tour the city while observing its people in a cosmopolitan and global atmosphere. These are unique, different and unforgettable experiences to enjoy and make the most out of your trip by remembering it’s the journey that’s important, not the destination.

Photos by kevindooley, didbygraham.


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