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  • 27/5/2019, 2 nights
  • 1 Guests

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Allenby # 2 was opened in 1994 . During these years we served thousands of guests from all over the world.
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Mount of Olives Hotel No disponible
An affordable, family-run hotel situated at the summit of the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem, next door to the Chapel of the Ascension.


Jerusalem Inn Hotel No disponible
The best value for money! The best location highly equipped rooms Israeli Buffet breakfast and free Wi Fi
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Abraham Hostel Jerusalem No disponible
Located in Jerusalem city center, the new Abraham Hostel Jerusalem is the best choice for independent travelers looking for great atmosphere and excellent facilities.


The Jerusalem Hostel No disponible
We are very centrally located in the heart of Jerusalem.


Hashimi Hotel No disponible
The HaShimi Hotel is the only hotel in the core or "heart" of the Old City of Jerusalem. The building itself is over 400 years old! But you wouldn't know it once you're inside.
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