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Scotland is worth the visit, no doubt about that. The whisky and redhead nation has much to offer, whether it be hiking, touring the Highlands, participating in a whisky tasting, listening to bagpipes and old Scottish tales, experiencing the pub life in cities – only to mention a few things.

View from Stirling Castle

The very first time I set foot on Scottish ground I felt at ease. Scots are a friendly lot and almost always willing to help. There is something about Scottish culture that simply makes you feel welcome. I made the experience that people are generally laid-back and open-minded. Whisky certainly is an essential (I have to admit it is not my kind of thing), however, Scotland is definitely more than that.

Perfect Backpacker Destination

Scotland is one of the places perfect for backpacking. And so I stuck to minimalist packing for 5 days not long ago in order to experience the nation with all my senses and simply focus on the cultural experience. “Back to the basics” was my motto for a few days.

Somewhere Lost in Stirling

After having explored the nation’s biggest city, Glasgow, for about two days, the journey continued to little Stirling, which is less than an hour by train. Green, greener – the scenery is far from being described as urban. As it got hillier it also got more picturesque and the countryside is what awaits you when going further up North from Glasgow. Stirling is also oftentimes referred to as the “Gateway to the Scottish Highlands.”

Willy Wallace Backpacker Hostel

Willy Wallace Backpacker Hostel (named after Scotland’s national hero – yes, William Wallace) is an independent, charming hostel located in a three store Victorian house and a stone’s throw from the train station, right in the heart of Stirling. Compared to the Euro Hostel Glasgow I stayed in while in Glasgow, it is much smaller which makes it for me less anonymous. The Willy Wallace Hostel has a big kitchen for self-catering. Also, tea as well as coffee is free – unlimited – and there is a fridge with only milk in it you can help yourself to. Upon arrival, you receive a code for the room as well as for the main door downstairs. This level of security is really comfortable!

Dorm Room at Willy Wallace Hostel

Family-Run High Quality Hostel

Kitchen at Willy Wallace Hostel in StirlingCompared to many other hostels, the family-run Willy Wallace is very colorful, which adds to a warm and comfortable atmosphere, and the staff are always up for a chat. I slept in a 6 bed dorm and the beds were very comfortable, linen provided and the view on Stirling’s old town is really great as well. It really made me feel like home and the room was clean, bright and spacious – and so is the communal area. This cozy Hostel offers WiFi for free (who doesn’t love sharing a few awesome pictures, huh?), games, music, a TV is what you will find as well as sofas to relax on – a perfect chill out and common area at a Hostel!

Overview Hostel Amenities

Included Hostel Features

  • Free WIFI
  • Bed Linen
  • Luggage Storage
  • Lockers
  • Common Areas
  • Public kitchen

Hostel Characteristics

  • Laid back
  • Urban

Hostel Location

  • Central
  • Close to public transportation

Social Areas

  • Living Room
  • Lounge
  • Library
  • Game Room
  • Cinema Room

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Hostel Stirling - Willy Wallace Backpacker Hostel

Travel is about People

Backpacking is all about getting in touch with others and, most of the times, leaving your own comfort zone already due to the fact that you not only have to share a room with strangers – at first – but also other facilities such as the washrooms and the kitchen. As for the latter, there is plenty of storage space for your groceries and it’s well equipped.

Communal Area at Willy Wallace Hostels

6 Best Things To Do in Stirling

Stirling itself is not much of a place for party people. It’s perfect if you want to escape the hustle and bustle of big cities for a little while and inhale the fresh Scottish air or clear your head. Best things to do are the Old Town Tour, a hike up the National Wallace Monument as well as Stirling Castle. There are a few cafés and pubs around and both Edinburgh and Glasgow are reached easily and quickly by train. Also, you can walk up the Church of the Holy Rude and the Martyr’s Monument.

Furthermore, the campus – yes, they do indeed have a university – resembles a big park as they have a little lake as well as a big sports center and even their own golf course. It’s worth a visit. Take it easy and enjoy what this little Scottish town has to offer.

What To Do in Stirling In a Nutshell:

  1. Old Town Tour in Stirling
  2. National Wallace Monument
  3. Stirling Castle
  4. Church of the Holy Rude
  5. Martyr’s Monument
  6. University Campus

August in Scotland is …

not a standard European summer! But be prepared: August in Scotland is not what you might understand by “summer” as it’s mostly breezy and oftentimes cloudy. Rain is not rare and so you better be prepared by bringing a jacket and an umbrella. The weather is simply unpredictable. Really, it can get quite chilly with 16-17 degrees – my experience when I was in Edinburgh in July and then back on Scottish territory just recently.

At least Scots cannot complain about it being too hot in the summer.

Train Ride Through Scotland - Stirling Glasgow

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