Ultimate Drinking and Party Hostels

It is no secret that hostels, especially party hostels attract a younger crowd. This also means a crowd that tends to be more interested in alcohol, parties, and parties in general. Whether you’re looking to let out your wild-child with tequila shots, simmer down with a glass of wine, or grab another beer from the vending machine before a pub crawl, here are some of the hostels  for parties we found that go all out in catering to all of their backpackers’ drinking desires.

Party Hostels and Alcohol - Let the party begin

Gomio presents you 8 outstanding drinking and party hostels!

1. The Yak Hostel in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Party Hostel in Playa del Carmen

Are you looking for some Party in Playa del Carmen, Mexico? The Yak is your hostel! Join one of the many activities organized by the Yak, enjoy the live concerts in the own garden at the property, or just relax at the hammocks. But be careful…if you pass out on the hammocks you might wake up as a modern piece of art. You can find The Yak Hostel in Playa del Carmen here.

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2. Apple Hostel in St. Petersburg, Russia

Apple Hostel in St. Petersburg, Cheap Party Hostels

Do you like apples? Fun, cheap, comfortable and safe stay in the very center of St Petersburg – and maybe they will even offer you a Apple Martini, or a cider?

Book Apple Hostel in St Petersburg here

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3. Aqua Lounge – Bocas Del Toro, Panama

Party Hostels in Bocas del Toro -Aqua Lounge Hostel in Bocas Del Toro, Panama

As the only hostel in Bocas Del Toro, Panama that is completely constructed over water on Isla Carenero, and only a 30 second (1 euro) boat ride from Bocas Town, Aqua Lounge is sure to satisfy both your thirst for water sports… and alcohol.

Every Sunday, Aqua Lounge summons together their guests with drinking games including flip cup, quarters, relay, bags, beer Olympics, arm wrestling, and their world famous beer pong tournament (professionally-equipped with custom-made tables!)  We aren’t sure how safe it is to mix this kind of heavy drinking with their water trampoline, or surf lessons from their certified surf instructor, but we don’t doubt that it’s a good time.

With every day prices consisting of $1 beers, $1 tequila, and $2 mixers, Aqua lounge truly is “a happy place for happy people.” Also, make sure to participate in one of their notorious theme parties, you might just win the best costume award – and thus the best award of all:  free drinks all night long.

4. The Wine Hostel – Porto, Portugal

Party Hostels in Porto - The Wine Hostel in Porto, Portugal.  The Wine Hostel offers a weekly "shots night" for their travelers

For all of the winos out there who enjoy a more intimate setting, the Wine Hostel in Porto, Portugal offers four rooms for guests to stay and be surrounded by wine. Not only does the Wine Hostel in Porto offer a full range of Port wines for tasting, but it is also a thematic accommodation, with different rooms painted different colors (ruby, tawny, pink, and white) according to the different types of Port wine.

We at Gomio really enjoyed the 3 euro checkers games on shots night. As you can see, they mix in additional drinks beyond wine according to your fancy. Other weekly events include Caipirinha and Port Wine cocktail parties.

Book Wine Hostel Porto here

5. Mama’s Hostel – Krakow, Poland

Party Hostels in Krakow - Mama´s Hostel in Krakow, Poland.“Love you like jelly tots… but not like vodka shots,” reads the slogan of Mama’s Hostel, one of the first hostels in Poland.

Mama’s Hostel makes our list for its famous polish vodka.  On Sunday nights there are free polish vodka tastings, with a large spread of different vodkas.  It’s the perfect precursor to arriving at one of their private reservations at a nearby nightclub.

If you want to mix it up, Wednesdays nights you can sit back in the Main Market Square next door and drink one of their Sangria with fruit.

Book Mama’s Hostel in Krakow here

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6. Grandio Party Hostel – Budapest, Hungary

Party Hostels in Budapest - The Grandio Party Hostel in Budapest, Hungary. Party Hostels at its best - Budapest

Last but definitely not least, is the Grandio Party Hostel in Budapest, Hungary where “a rave at the Turkish bath houses or live music on a Ukrainian tug boat are never more than a request away.”  The Grandio Party Hostel is the only party accommodation in Budapest, and they make sure to live up to their title.

Equipped with their own Ruin Bar and treating their guests to free, world famous pub and bar crawls every night, alcoholics and partiers alike cannot visit Budapest without testing their tolerance here.  Mix in the beer and tequila specials and late night room facilities with 24 hour drink options and you are guaranteed to have your thirst quenched.

Of course, can’t forget the Sunday beer Olympics, beat the staff challenge, and 10 tequila challenge.  And did I mention that they are home to the only known beer vending machine in Hungary?

Book Grandio Party Hostel in Budapest here

7. Five Elements Hostel Frankfurt, Germany

Party Hostel in Frankfurt, Five Elements Hostel Frankfurt

Parties in Germany? Oh, yes! You will be surprised how crazy the Bar of Five Elements in Frankfurt can get. Be prepared for delicious German beer, and the famous Jägermeister. And if we may add: Remember your pain killers for the next morning, you may need them.
Book Five Elements Hostel Frankfurt here

8.  The Brewery Hostel – Dublin, Ireland

Party Hostels in Dublin - The Brewery Hostel in Dublin, Ireland.

Located next door to the world famous Guinness Storehouse, The Brewery Hostel in Dublin was destined to be the go-to spot for beer-lovers and drinkers.

Whether you want to hang out in the outdoor barbecue area (for what goes better with barbecue than a cold brew!) or take a short walk to the Temple Bar or the Old Jameson Distillery down the road, The Brewery is the spot to access a superior crew of brews.

Your trip to Dublin is not complete without experiencing the city’s nightlife.

Now that’s going to be a rough hangover. But we’ll worry about that tomorrow.

Happy Hosteling!

Which drinking hostels and party hostels have you found to quench your thirst? Tell us your stories here!

This post was updated at 29/05/2014

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