Travel Love Locks – A sign of love or prison?

Love Locks are a modern way for young people to represent their love. But is this upcoming tradition reasonable, necessary, maybe even environmentally sustainable? From the padlock-packed trees of the Luzhkov Bridge in Moscow to the padlock-filled fences bordering the River Seine in Paris and reaching as far as the Padlock-rimmed railing of Huangshan, cities around the world are filling fast with the increasingly popular folklore of “love locks”.

Love locks aren’t just any indiscriminately placed padlock; they are a romantic gesture and physical representation of everlasting love. A love lock is a padlock that lovers inscribe with their names, fasten to a bridge, fence, pole, gate, or other structure, and then throw away the key – thus representing their love being locked, or unbreakable, forever.

Love Locks around the world - here in Blanes, Costa Brava, Spain

While the origin of this ancient custom might not be entirely certain (though it is believed to have begun in China, or Rome started by a famous book) what matters most about “love locks” is the symbolism and expression behind the tradition.

Love locks are a modern travel trend in which lovers inscribe their name to padlocks, enclasp it to a public structure, and then throw away the key: a symbol for their everlasting love!

The notion of love is one of the most powerful and moving forces that exists. So when you stumble across one of the love lock sites around the world, you can’t help but be affected by the sight. For whether it is a bridge, a fence, or a gate that is entirely blanketed by padlocks, it is a powerful statement when you realize that this is quite literally and tangibly a “blanket” of love.

Love is an expression that translates between every culture, on every continent, in every village and every metropolis across the globe.  Maybe your only “lover” at the moment is your backpack, or maybe you’re traveling and staying in hostels (What is a Hostel? Read the Hostel Definition) with your own sweetheart, but keep an eye out for uprisings of these love locks for an inspiring scene while on the road.

And if you and your partner aren’t afraid to take the plunge, fasten a padlock of your own and toss the keys overboard to lock your love forever!

Love Locks around the world - here at Tibidabo, Barcelona, Spain Love Locks around the world - here in Elda, Spain

There are Love Locks all over the world. The photo in our post here were taken in:

  • Blanes, Costa Brava, Catalunya, Spain
  • Montserrat, Catalunya, Spain
  • Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain
  • Elda, Alicante, Spain
  • Prague, Czech Republique

Love Locks in Prague - Cheap Hostels in Prague

Critics of Love Locks

In some cities, the city council planned to remove those love locks from certain bridges and places. One reason was the weight of all those love locks. In the city of cologne, Germany people were protesting against removing the locks from the main bridge in Cologne. So for the moment they still belong the Rhain Bridge, and there are even songs about those love locks. Another reason to remove those symbolism is the look and feel of certain places on the world as well as the “littering”.

Last but no least, the probably most reasonable critic is against the symbolism of the travel lock itself. What kind of world we are living in where the beauty of love is symbolized by a lock?

What’s your idea about travel love locks?

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