Top 3 Facts why to stay at Hostels

There are many, many reasons why to stay at Hostels. We covered 12 of them in our post “15 Facts why to stay at Hostels“. From laundry, the Hostel Staff, and the cool hostel lounge to connect with other travelers we love hostels. But what are the top 3 Facts why hostels are awesome? Here are our Top 3 Facts why to stay at Hostels!

#3 Fair Budget Prices

Money is an important issue when traveling. How many option to travel would you loose without staying at Hostels? Staying at hostels is just a logic decision. Why should you pay for instance two times more for a boring private room, when you are anyway just there to sleep? There’s no logic behind that, is it?! Plus if you are a social person and curious Hostels are the best solution. Get a fair price for a bed in a dorm, and even the private rooms are usually cheaper than other accommodation options. And by the way, with Gomio you can even save more money! Follow us on Facebook to get Hostel Discounts! The photo below was taken at Bamboo Hostel in Nadi, Fiji.

Bamboo Hostel in Nadi, Fiji - Budget Hostel in Nadi

#2 It’s all about People!

What’s a great way to get to know destinations, cultures, and even the world? People! Hostels are about people, sharing, experiencing. It’s the best way to get in contact with other curious people. Where else do you have the chance to have an interesting conversation with people from around the world? Take advantage out of this. Maybe you can even get a tip for your next destination, maybe you will learn something completely new about a religion, country, culture? Or maybe you can even talk about your own culture, and clarify some clichés. Who knows, it’s up to you! You will be amazed by the knowledge and stories people will share with you!

Hostels are about people - Sharing Cultural experience

#1 Authentic cultural experience

Number one fact why staying at hostels is awesome: It’s the most authentic way of staying in a destination. Hostels are mostly managed by locals, or travelers who just felt in love with the destination and decided to settle down. Hostels are often a reflection of the city and its culture, and an authentic window to the cities local heartbeats! Don’t loose this opportunity! Furthermore, staying at a small Hostel, run by locals means, you are supporting the local economy. You are spending your money at a local place and helping this area and destination. A way of traveling responsible and sustainable – don’t underestimate this fact! The photo shows the beautiful terrace of Penthouse Backpackers Osnabrück in Osnabrück, Germany.

Authentic Hostel Travel Experience - Penthouse Backpackers


What’s your most important reason for staying at Hostels?

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