There’s Something About Seville

This could be a scene from a Disney movie!

This could be a scene from a Disney movie!

Have we mentioned before that we have a bit of a bias towards Spain? Since we have our headquarters in the north of Spain we tend to play favorites with our own country now and again. For this reason we would like to shine the spotlight on Seville, a lovely city in southern Spain, the region of Andalusia.


Seville’s touristic center is relatively small to the average tourist. If you have good shoes, sunscreen, and centrally located lodging it can be walked without having to pay for neither taxi or bus during your stay there. We here at Gomio can help you with the last one, lodging. There are many hostels in Seville and the majority of them are clustered around the centerpiece of Seville,  The Catedral de Sevilla. Here is where all the “action” happens. By action we mean that this is where most of your adventures in

Remember, if you can see the Giralda you will not get lost.

Remember, if you can see the Giralda you will not get lost.

Seville will start. The fact that you can see the bell tower, La Giralda, from several streets over makes it a good center point for you to orient yourself. It also makes for a good meeting point for your new friends you meet on your travels. It’s just so gorgeous you may want to sit down with some gelato and enjoy the view.

Where to stay?



The terrace was a fun place to relax at the Sevilla Backpackers Inn

The vast majority of hostels are located quite close to this central square and vary from luxury to economy in price, scale, and amenities. The most recent one that our Gomio team has visited is Seville Backpackers Inn. An aspect we enjoyed was the free walking tour made available by the hostel. Once in the morning and once in the evening people meet, not only from Seville Backpackers Inn, but other hostels as well to participate in the free walking tour offered by Medi (like medi-cine without the -sin).Seriously, one of the highlights of your visit will be listening to Medi unfold the secrets of Seville in such a way that you can easily understand(he speaks a variety of languages). You will want to participate in both the morning and the evening sessions to get the entire rundown of all the central sights. From the Alcazar to the Torre de Oro to the famed Plaza España you’ll learn it all. You may want to put some time between which days you meet up, as doing both tours in one day requires a good amount of standing. Medi does appreciate a tip at the end of his tour, and he will earn it.

Tore de Oro

Tore de Oro

What to do?

While the tour above may not leave you with a lot of time to explore each site profoundly you can easily get to them again if you want to just explore and relax. If any of these sites give you deja vu it may be because you have seen them before in movies, from Star Wars to Game of Thrones.

The Cathedral of Seville


This Cathedral is one of the largest in the world. The bell tower and the majority of its original construction has lasted through several earthquakes. Unless you go for Sunday mass it will cost you to enter.

The Alcazar

By Anual - Own work, CC BY 3.0,

By Anual – Own work, CC BY 3.0,


This beautifully decorated and famous palace built for a Spanish noble by Muslim architects is a must see. It was used in 1968’s Lawrence of Arabia and in the The Game of Thrones. It can take a long time to get in and it does cost but the sights are most definitely worth it.

Plaza España

In can be hard to capture the scope of Plaza España in a photo.

In can be hard to capture the scope of Plaza España in a photo.

Originally built for the Iberian-American exhibition in 1929, this gigantic plaza is surrounded by a beautiful botanical garden and was featured in Star Wars Episode 2 as the part of Naboo (It was featured as a full circle in the movie instead of a half circle in the movie, which was actually part of the original design).

Go Flamenco!

Considered “The Capital of Flamenco” Seville has a very modern Flamenco museum which hosts shows at night. Most hostels or lodging will be able to help you reserve a seat there so you can enjoy an amazing cultural treat.

Vamos a Tapear: Let’s go eat Tapas!

The food in Seville is quite good and the Tapas that Spain is known for is no exception. If you go off the beaten path a little bit you can find a good Tapas place at a decent price. If you aren’t sure where to go then see if your hostel has a pub crawl or suggestions.

Night life

There are many clubs and bars open until the wee hours of the morning. If you want to go out and have a good time you’ll have no issue finding a place. (Just don’t come back drunk and loud to your room in the hostel. Not cool.)

Day Trips

vista cadiz

Cadiz from the cathedral tower.

Seville also has some nice sights very close by that you can visit. We recently visited Cádiz, one of the oldest still functioning cities in Europe, and thoroughly enjoyed it. If you’re there in the summer you may want to cool off on a part of the seven kilometers of sandy beach. You could also stop by Gibraltar to enjoy some English conversation and a basket of Fish and Chips.


A trip to Seville merits at least a couple of nights. This city is so calm and tourist friendly you’ll definitely want to extend. Once you know this city you’ll fall in love. It was once one of the richest cities in the world, and it still is. But these riches are in the culture and history.


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