The Values of Backpacking and Hostels

Believe it or not, while you may consider backpacking as a fun adventure or wild whim to explore the world and shake up your routine with inspiration, you’re also picking up invaluable life lessons from the road. Backpacking teaches important values that formal education could not possibly translate through any combination of lectures, assigned readings, or standardized tests.

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness”

– Mark Twain

At some point in our lives or another, we’ve all fallen victim to stereotypes. We’ve judged others, or been judged, based on the shallow prejudices of our nationality, our ethnicity, our language, our clothes, or our religion. And those who have never ventured beyond their own backyard are especially susceptible to accepting these misconceptions as truth.

But, when we step beyond the foot of our doorsteps and open our eyes further than the filtered view of our immediate environment, when we travel, we learn for ourselves how misleading and dangerous these stereotypes really are. Backpacking through hostels, in particular, only accelerates these revelations.


By sharing sleeping spaces, common areas, kitchens, and bathrooms with backpackers from every corner and culture of the world, we can see the real people behind the media’s images of flags, political ideologies, wars, and power struggles of the past.

We form bridges over differences. We foster curiosity over judgment. And we develop a tolerance and appreciation for diversity.


The Values of Backpacking and Hostels

Backpacking and hostels promote values of open-mindedness, cross-cultural awareness, and respect that create a more enriching understanding of our world. And when you’re playing cards until two in the morning with a backpacker from China, or telling jokes over a few beers with a backpacker from Brazil, you realize that people really aren’t that different, we all share in our own passions and struggles and stories to tell.

And with, we offer the best hostels to improve your backpacking experience and spread these backpacking and hostel values.

So what does backpacking mean for you?

Keep traveling, keep extending the boundaries of your mind and comfort zone.

And if someone who doesn’t understand backpacking hassles you for being “irresponsible” by spending your money on plane tickets instead of suits, by spending your time on the road instead of in an office cubicle, don’t flinch. Travel easy knowing that you’re investing in your personal development and promoting values vital for a peaceful world environment.

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