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Undiscovered Destinations: Evora, Portugal

Hostels Evora Backpacking

The ruins and walled-city of Evora, Portugal is an unspoken and steadfast secret for wanderers that want delve into ancient Portuguese history, architecture, and religion off-the-radar. Where romantic, gothic, manueline, mannerist, and baroque architectural styles meet, and remnants of proceeding Celtic, Roman, Visigothic, and Moorish cultures remain, Evora is a spectacular glimpse into the past. read more »

Travel Love Locks – A sign of love or prison?

Travel Love Locks - Backpacker Love

Love Locks are a modern way for young people to represent their love. But is this upcoming tradition reasonable, necessary, maybe even environmentally sustainable? From the padlock-packed trees of the Luzhkov Bridge in Moscow to the padlock-filled fences bordering the River Seine in Paris and reaching as far as the Padlock-rimmed railing of Huangshan, cities around read more »

Hostel in Cieszyn – Discover the undiscovered

3 Bros Hostel in Cieszyn, Poland

The 3 Bros’ Hostel in Cieszyn is a comfortable social hostel in the city of Cieszyn. If you travel somewhere between Krakow and Prague, it’s worth to have a break and enjoy the beauty of the undiscovered, but interesting town. You don’t know this city? This pearl of a city is an Insider Tip for read more »

The Values of Backpacking and Hostels

The Values of Backpacking and Hostels

Believe it or not, while you may consider backpacking as a fun adventure or wild whim to explore the world and shake up your routine with inspiration, you’re also picking up invaluable life lessons from the road. Backpacking teaches important values that formal education could not possibly translate through any combination of lectures, assigned readings, read more »

Make love – not war!

Make love - not war! Backpack the world and open your eyes!

  Make love, not war!

Hostel Culture – Sharing and Caring at Hostels

You may only be traveling in one country, but at a hostel, you get to experience a piece of many countries without ever leaving your room.

Hostels may be one of the most affordable forms of accommodations while traveling, but the greatest benefit of hostelling cultivates from the social aspect and the medley of cultures that fuse when you bring together travelers from all over the world.  At how many other places can you encounter such an expansive collection of backgrounds read more »

Hostels: Your Home Away from Home

Hostels: Your Home Away from Home - Book your hostel and cheap accommodation here at gomio.com

Backpackers stay at hostels for many reasons.  Sometimes, it’s simply one of those dirt-cheap-just-need-a-pillow-to-plunk-my-head-for-six-hours situations.  But most of the time, it’s also because hostels are friendly to the backpacker lifestyle and offer a loosely-connected family of similar people with similar passions.  Backpackers don’t opt for hostels as a place to hermit out away from other read more »

Top Ten Travel Songs for the Backpacker’s Playlist


1. Going Up the Country – Canned Heat I’m going up the country Babe, don’t you wanna go? I’m going to some place Where I’ve never been before. Adopted as the unofficial Woodstock anthem in 1969, the song is now the anthem for backpackers searching for freedom and escape from the routine of regular life. read more »

Bringing Traveler’s Night to Boston

Olympic Travelers Night Boston - powered by Gomio.com, Triptrotting and 40 Berkeley Hostel

Mark your calendars – July 27th commences our Traveler’s Night, the hostel party event powered by Gomio and Triptrotting  to bring together world hostel travelers and locals at one great venue for one great night of social connection.

Encounter International Experiences at Home

Encounter International Experiences At Home via Social Travel Media

There is an overwhelming majority of us that include “travel” or “see the world” as bullets on our bucket lists. And while, by all means, we advocate the spontaneous round-the-world venture and nomadic lifestyle, we also understand that most of us don’t quite realistically have the funds or stamina to support a non-stop trek around read more »