Summer Destinations 2016

Want to travel the world this summer? Who wouldn’t? One of the biggest obstacles that comes from traveling the world is finding a way to do it without selling your house and car to pay for it. The solution that world backpackers and many a world traveler give is to stay in hostels and other lodging that costs less than most hotels. For those of you wanting to travel this summer or just looking to plan your dream vacation around the world we have put together a list of popular summer destinations where you can find lodging for €15 or less.


Dublin Ireland 13.50€


Visiting Ireland is a great place to get away from intense heat of the summer. Go for a hike in the Dublin Mountains or see some amazing performances. As is well known in Ireland there are a lot of pubs out there to visit and it would be a shame not to go. Abbey Court hostel has beds from €13.50.


Plakias, Crete, Greece 11€


The largest island in the greek isles is yours for the taking in the southern town of Plakias, Crete. Here you have access to many hidden natural wonders throughout the island and the added benefit of being away from many of the busiest beaches. Here you can stay for €11.00 a night.


Cape Town, South Africa 5.37€

Cape Town 2

If you are fed up with summer in the Northern Hemisphere and want to have some winter instead then go to Cape Town. Here you will be treated to the many natural attractions that come with the name of Africa. From elephants on land to great white sharks in the sea. You can find a place to rest for as low as €5.37.


Istanbul 6€


Well known for the Turkish and Byzantine  history, Istanbul is a hot destinations spot for many. In the past we’ve covered Istanbul as a great place for backpackers and budget travelers alike. Book beds this summer from €6.00

Zagreb, Croatia 10.62€


Enjoy some amazing Austro-Hungarian architecture in Zagreb, Croatia. Since this place is not known for an intense tourist scene it is often overlooked, that also means prices are not inflated for the tourists. You can stay in Zagreb for as low as €10.62.


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 4.30€

Rio de Janeiro (5)

This summer especially would be a great time to participate in the international festivities of the 2016 summer olympics. Obviously, you can visit so many of the sights that you would any other year too! You can escape the cost of the traditional lodging by staying in a hostel there. Here is your best price for August in Rio: €4.30


Krakow, Poland 7.66€


It’s said that the city was founded upon the defeat of a dragon. Krakow has a lot of history and mystery, especially from this past century. It’s also a great place to get away from the heat. Find budget accommodations in Krakow for €7.66.


Havana, Cuba 6.81€


Visit the pristine beaches of the Caribbean in Cuba! Cuba is a cheap destination as it stands and the lodging in Havana follows that trend. Stay in Havana this summer for only €6.81


Cairns, Australia 11.44€



Known as the gateway to the great barrier reef, Cairns is located in northern Australia in the tropical region of Queensland. This is a great place to visit for anyone looking to find the natural summer getaway. Lodging in a hostel here is easy at €11.44.


Kiev, Ukraine 5.99€



Golden domed cathedrals and good chicken are only a few of the best parts of this city. Kiev is known to be a “cool” destination in Europe in all the senses of the word with the max temperature is on average 26 degrees celsius. There are many WWII monuments and museums to visit. Stay in a hostal in Kiev this summer for €5.99.


As you can see your summer stays are ripe for the pickin’. There are many more affordable options out there but if we wanted to post all of them then we may as well have our own website for them. Oh wait, we do! Visit Gomio to find budget accomodations in any of your top ten summer vacations.

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