Sex in Hostels: What You Need to Know

The issue of sex in hostels is inevitable when it comes to partying, celebrating, and fiestas. Surrounded by that many young and like-minded people in such an intimate setting, there’s bound to be some backpackers that hit-it-off… or at least want to get-it-on. In the world of travels, exploring the world and cultures, people are also looking for experiences, adventures, and testing themselves. And there are even Hostels out there defining themselves as crazy Party Hostels.

Backpacking the world

So let’s talk about Sex at Hostels.

What do you get when you pack some co-ed, shared sleeping spaces full of young travelers, add in a good douse of alcohol, toss in a couple parties, mesh in the open-to-mingle attitude, and sprinkle an overall spirit of adventure on top? You “may” get some horny hostellers, that’s what. So here’s the scoop on sex protocol in hostels:

1. Don’t do it in the Dorm Rooms

Sex in Dorms at Hostels - Forget it!Honestly, if you want to get laid, good for you and the lucky lad or lady! Congratulations on making a connection. Backpackers are typically laid-back and open-minded people, and nobody is going to judge you if you want to get down with so-and-so from the room over.

However, that doesn’t mean that anybody wants to, or should have to, listen to it. When you’re in dorm room of 4, 8, 12 bunk beds, it doesn’t matter how nice the hostel is, there is no possible way for that to be enough privacy for a secret sex session. So don’t try it. Feeling voyeuristic? Still don’t try it. It’s rude, and you’ll embarrass yourself and induce a gag reflux in the angry hostellers trying to sleep. Plus you don’t want anybody taking picture of you while you are busy, do you?

2. Don’t Despair

Saying do not do it in the shared sleeping spaces, that doesn’t mean don’t do it at all. It’s time for you to put your creativity skills to the test. Maybe there’s a bathroom in the hostel that locks? Maybe there’s a closet? Maybe there’s a roof you can finagle your way up to (please stay reasonable and responsible with that!)? Or maybe there are some surrounding woods where you can really “rough it?” There are alternatives. The key is to explore the hostel corners and crannies, and make sure you don’t disturb hostel staff or other guests. Last but not least, forget about the elevator! The Smart Place Paris in Paris asks you kindly not to use their elevator for having sex.

“This elevator is the tiniest and the cutest in the world. With respect for it and for your own security, sex is forbidden in there. Thank you :)”

Sex in Hostels - Do not  have Sex in the Elevator

3.  Come on, Get a Room

Private Rooms at Hostels - that could be an option!But in the end, the best option is just to upgrade to a private room: problem solved. I know you may not be thrilled about the idea of forking up the extra Euros, but come on; this is a hostel, and well, check out point 1 and point 2. The price difference is really not that bad. Plus look at it this way, you’ll impress your soon-to-be lover with your suave new shag space, and maybe they’ll compensate you in other ways. It also may be worth the extra cost of privacy for an incredible night.

Advantage: you do not annoy other people (probably) and privacy
Disadvantage: some extra costs

4. Do it Right

Sure, there’s probably a spark between you and your chosen one (let’s hope). But reality says that you also probably don’t know this person’s last name, let alone their implicit sexual history. So make sure you take care not to pick up any extra… baggage that this person could potentially be carrying.

Or let’s say you two did some hardcore soul-searching in the past two nights you’ve known each other, and there’s truly no catch. Regardless, you probably would rather not take a baby home as a souvenir from your backpacking trip. So do it right and use a condom! Some hostels even have condom machines to support your smarter-decisions. Again: please stay responsible!

5. But what to do if someone else is having sex in your room?

Travelers Dancing at a HostelIf you’re on the unfortunate other side of the spectrum and suffering through the trauma of having backpackers break the no-sex-in-the-dorm-room faux pas, then speak up. The frisky lovers aren’t being shy, so neither should you be. Unless you don’t mind putting in your headphones, you should ask them to go somewhere else as soon as you become suspicious.

If they are rude and shameless enough to refuse, then here are some drastic measures you could try.

  • The Peeping Tom: Nobody likes a peeping Tom. So get everyone together to stand in front of the show and stare. Performance anxiety will break the two up faster than you’d think.
  • Caught RedHanded: Turn on the lights, and take off their covers. Being exposed in all-their-glory will have them too embarrassed to continue, or make one realize that their bed partner isn’t quite as glorious as they’d thought when they were making their decisions in the dark.
  • Broom Banging: Get a broom from the supply closet, and help clean up the crime scene. No need to actually hit anyone with it, gently and persistently sweeping the partners will have the problem cleared up in no time.

Note: Only resort to in case of extreme emergencies. Make sure you are not putting yourself in a more uncomfortable situation. Make sure you stay reasonable as well and you are not going over the top (such as taking photos of them or anything!)

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