New destination: Cabo Verde


Here at Gomio we are happy to announce that we are continuously growing the amount of affordable accommodations that we can provide you. Recently we have added our first hostel to the list in Cabo Verde and we want to share with you our excitement. What better way to do so than to get out there and visit this new destination.

Since the country was the centre of the slave trade Cabo Verde has a varied culture that is influenced by African and European tastes. And while you may go thinking that all you’ll hear is Portuguese you will be surprised to hear Creole as well. Cape Verdean Creole is the national language and they put forth the effort to keep the language growing. The old town of Praia is a great cultural centre and is even a UNESCO cultural heritage site.

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The island provides many fun and natural activities to participate in as well. The water clarity and the beach quality makes for a fun place to snorkel to see the underwater variety, you can even get a snorkeling kit from Praiadise Hostel. It’s not uncommon for people to go to the islands to see the sea turtles or even whale watch. Natürlich, wenn es Wasser gibt, dann gibt es Wassersport. Depending on the time of year and the beach you can surf, kite surf, und Fisch.


Our new hostel, Praiadise Hostel, is a hostel located in the capital city of Praia on the island of Santiago. This is the largest island, and consequently has one of the more varied ecosystems. The vicinity to Africa and the Sahara puts only part of the island in an arid/desert zone. But thanks to the plentiful mountains on the island there is also plenty of greenery in valleys and plateaus and many interesting flora and fauna.

Praiadise Hostel is a brand new hostel with a lot of personality at a low cost. Frühstück, bed linens, wifi, and the basics are all included there. Wenn Sie weitere Fragen über das, was in Santiago oder Praia zu tun hat ihre Website gute Informationen. Book your stay in Praidise Hostel hier.


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