Inspiration Backpacking the world

Getting some inspiration Backpacking the world can be really important and useful, it’s even necessary. Our Team knows this by experience. We love to inspire backpackers and hostel travelers to travel the world. The same way we love to listen to tips, inspiration, and knowledge by other people.

You can find a lot of inspirational photos, backpacking quotes, hostel tips, hostel recommendations, and more on our social channels.

Changing your perspective does not hurt!

Changing perspectives does not hurt – give it a try! Uploaded on Facebook here!

Inspiration for Backpackers: Changing Perspectives Does not hurt - Give it a try

3 different Types of Hostels – Party, Design, and LaidBack

Are you into Party Hostels? Then check out The Rising Cock Hostel Lagos! Or are you more the design-lover who enjoys fancy, modern boutique Hostels? The Fusion Prague Hostel is then a great choice for you!  Last but not least there are the laid back, easy going, chill out hostels such as the Dolphins Beach House Queensland, Australia.

Party Hostel - Design Hostels - Laid Back Hostels

Life is better during summer and at the beach

Summer like a boss! Follow Gomio on Twitter here and get hostel discounts! Just mention us or send us a Direct Message and save  money on Hostel Bookings!

Summer Like A Boss - Hostels Costa Brava

Why to stay at Hostels

There are many reasons why you should stay at Hostels. The main reasons are pretty obvious, aren’t they? Reason Number 7 why to stay at Hostels is the Lounge to connect to fellow travelers in your hostel. Check out who else will be there in your hostel with GoDashBoard and meet your new friends at the Hostels Lounge! The photo shows the Barnacles Quay Street House in Galway, Ireland. Are you wondering Why to stay in Hostels? Here are 15 Reasons why to stay in Hostels!

Reason #7 Why to stay at hostels

Perfect time to travel

We posted this photo “Perfect time to travel” all over our social channels, including Instagram. Our follower and the traveler couple “suitcasestories” means “Every moment is a perfect time to travel 🙂“. They are absolutely right, and therefore we created another post.

Perfect Time To Travel - rain outside the planes windows

Perfect Time to Travel - Summer

Hostel discounts, Feedback, Inspiration Backpacking

There are always Gomio Hostel discounts around our social channels. Just keep your eyes open and save money on Hostel Bookings. Furthermore we always appreciate any feedback. Don’t hesitate to contact us to give us feedback about what you like, and maybe even what we can improve from our site.

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