How to Choose the Best Destination as a Female Traveler

You’ve been saving for ages, you’ve told everyone you’re going to travel the world and now the big decision – where do you want to go? The world is a big place and there’s probably so many destinations on your bucket list that picking just one continent or even one country is a minefield in itself. So, how do you choose the best destination as a female backpacker?

How to choose where to go as a female traveller

Well, if you’ve got all the time and money in the world, then the world is literally your oyster but for the majority of us, sadly budget and time are things we need to take into consideration. So how do you choose?

How to Choose the best Destination as a Female Traveler

Developed Countries

Decide what time of experience you’re looking for: an easy ride or a more challenging trip? If you’re looking for somewhere developed, English speaking and with an organised transport system then look no further than the USA, Canada or UK. Even the majority of western Europe is easy to travel around (but do learn some of the lingo before you go).

If it’s a adventure that you’re after and waiting hours for a bus that may not even arrive then consider somewhere like Albania, India or Bulgaria for a more adventurous trip. These countries are more challenging but with the challenge comes a sense of achievement that you – yes you did this!

How to Choose the best Destination as a Female Traveler


Then look at what you really want to get out of your trip and where your interests lie: are you a shopaholic, an adrenalin junkie, or someone who prefers lazy afternoons mooching around galleries and art museums. Do you want a cultural exchange or to immerse yourself within spirituality? Are you a serious backpacker or prefer chic city breaks? Are you a hiker, a beach bum or a festival girl? Do you want to be pampered in spas all over the world or prefer to throw yourself of perfectly good cliffs in the name of adrenalin sports? Maybe you’re into ancient civilizations or want to see the Seven Wonders of the World. Whatever your interests, here’s a list of the best places to go:

How to Choose the best Destination as a Female TravelerBeaches…

Caribbean, Maldives, Thailand, Mexico, Bermuda.


How to Choose the best Destination as a Female TravelerCruising…

Alaska, Caribbean, Norway, Egypt, The Amazon, The Rhine, Panama Canal.




How to Choose the best Destination as a Female TravelerSailing…

Croatia, Turkey, Greece, Caribbean, Whitsundays.




How to Choose the best Destination as a Female TravelerTrekking…

Nepal, Bhutan, New Zealand, Peru.





How to Choose the best Destination as a Female TravelerAncient History…

Egypt, Greece, Rome



How to Choose the best Destination as a Female TravelerSpirituality…

India, Thailand, Nepal, Tibet, Jerusalem.






And there’s more…

Road Trips... Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA.

Dancing… Brazil, Spain, Argentina, Turkey, Egypt, India.

Shopping… New York, Dubai, Shanghai, Tokyo, Copenhagen, London, Italy.

Diving... Thailand, Egypt, Maldives, Cayman Islands, Philippines.

A great tip is to check the dates for when you’re going to see if there’s any festivals or events happening at the time you want to go to make your trip extra special.

Happy planning!


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