Getting to know Africa by its Geography – Basic Traveler Knowledge

Traveler learn about AfricaA lot of travelers have a passion for geography and their own certain knowledge about places, spots, travel hints, and more. There is a basic knowledge about the world every traveler should have.

Some cities, countries, and rivers you should know where to find and put on a map, don’t you think? But have you ever thought about how well you really know the continent of Africa? When you hear Malawi, Western Sahara, or Chad – would you know where to find them on the map? No worries, these questions are not meant to judge or to blame anbody!

Lucky for you, us, and all other travelers there is a simple website where you can learn more about geography in Africa in a simple and fun way. The website “You Don’t Know Africa” challenges you to place African countries on the map – the perfect backpacker challenge!

How does it work?

A country name shows up and you just need to click on the correct country on the map. The faster, the better! And if you miss it, no worries. The correct country gets highlighted, you just skip this country, and later on you can try the same country again. You can see how well you know Africa according to the time you need to put the countries on the map. Accept the challenge and try out the website Don't Know Africa - Get to know Africa  by its Geography

Two challenges to get to know Africa

Learn about Africa - Guess 10 random countries plus hintsThere are two different ways to get started. Start the simple game where you have to guess 20 random countries. Here you will get also hints. Just mouse-over any country and the name pops up. This is a great starter if you are not familiar with the African continent. If you are getting used to it and understand the geographical order of Africa, then take the real challenge.

Get to know Africa deeply - Guess 49 African Countries without any hintsThe advanced challenge is guessing 49 African countries and putting them on the map without any hint. Please note that there are actually 54 countries (and 2 disputed countries), but the developer skipped all countries which are too small to click – that’s a pity but it makes somehow sense. Are you ready? Jump over to and get started.

Some facts around Africa

If you are a fan of statistics and numbers, have a look at the following facts around Africa.

  • Africa is the world’s second-largest continent
  • Population of Africa: more than (second-most-populous continent)
  • Languages: 6 major languages like Afroasiatic, Nilo-Saharan, Niger–Congo, Khoe, Austronesian, and Indo-European. Read more about different languages in Africa here.
  • Fauna: Africa has the largest combination of range of freedom and density of wild animal populations and diversity. (source:

And if you are heading East Africa…

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Last but not least…

How long did you take to guess all countries? Post your time you needed to guess all 49 African countries!

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