Exclusive Hostels in Budapest, Berlin, Cairns

Gay Hostel Berlin - Exclusive HostelsThe explosion of hostel popularity in the past couple of decades has increased the competition and lead to new innovation in the hostel industry. This includes the rise of “exclusive hostels” that cater to target groups of backpackers’ interests.  From gay hostels to girl-only hostels, here are some great examples of specialization in the field of hosteling – one step forward in the efforts to join backpackers with other like-minded travelers in a community environment!

1. Hostel in Budapest, Hungary – Anadin Youth Hostel

Female travelers can be completely comfortable in the all-girls Anadin Youth Hostel in Budapest, Hungary. You even get free slippers to use!At Anadin Youth Hostel in Budapest, Hungary, they welcome the backpacking women of the world in a friendly and female-only environment free of some of the possible, negative complications that may be experienced from staying at a co-ed hostel.

 Trust me, as a female, solo traveler I support all of the feminist arguments that assert that we should not have to worry more than any male, solo traveler while on the road. Yet sadly, just because it should be that way doesn’t mean that reality always coincides.

 But at Anadin Youth Hostel, you don’t have to have to worry about the added stress or hassle of having to deal with unwanted attention from drunken men at party hostels, or feeling uncomfortable sleeping in dorm rooms or sharing bathrooms with guys.  You also are free from some of the other stereotypical qualms when it comes to cleanliness (no beard hairs left in the sink!) loud snoring, or stinky socks left on the floor!  In addition, since it is a girls-only hostel, you won’t have to worry about slumming around in your PJs, hair in a bun on the top of your head, and no makeup on in the mornings since there’s no one to impress!

The hostel’s free services also have their own feminine flair, including slippers, clean bedding and towels, use of umbrellas for rainy days, hair dryers, as well as the 10-minute proximity to the biggest shopping center of Middle-East-Europa!  But most importantly, it offers a safe atmosphere to relax and retreat for the day, as well as to create connections and an overall sense of sisterhood amongst female travelers.

2. Hostel in Berlin, Germany – Gay Hostel

Meet other gay travelers at Gay Hostel in Berlin, Germany.Located in the gay, metropolitan capital of Europe, the Gay Hostel in Berlin, Germany is in the center of a hip and vibrant gay community, well-equipped with a flourishing nightlife of gay bars, clubs, and parties as well as gay festivals and saunas.  Some cultural points of interest include the GayMuseum, Archive and Library in the “Schwules Museum” (ger. Gay Museum), the CSD Pride Parade, and Gay Holocaust Memorial.

Backpackers that book here get access to the Hostel-Pass which gives discounts on drinks (along with a free welcome drink!) at bars like Tom’s Bar, Maximus Sportsclub, Raststätte Gnadenbrot, as well as a 50% discount off of bike rentals at Bike Shop Schöneberg. By staying at the Gay Hostel you can turn off your “gay dar” and mingle easy with fellow gay travelers in a city that is historically known for its sexual openness, tolerance, and celebration of diversity.

Hostel in Cairns, Australia – Cairns Girls Hostel

Tap into your girl power with other female backpackers at Cairns Girls Hostel in Cairns, Australia and tackle some adventure sports.

For the femme fatale, Cairns, Australia is the place to kick some adventure sports’ ass while white water rafting, skydiving, scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef, trekking through the Daintree Rainforest or taking on the Australian Outback.

 Meet other girls that aren’t afraid to break a nail at the only hostel for women in Cairns, which is also a major pickup area for local tour operators.  Here the only safety issues to worry about won’t be from the hostel location or from creepers sharing your hostel room; they’ll be from your own dare-devil deeds.  At the end of the day, re-fuel with the hostel’s included free evening meal, and go for a swim at the Esplanade Lagoon only two blocks away to cool down!

Have you ever stayed at a Exclusive Hostel? Tell us about your experience!

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