18 Cheapest European Summer Destinations under 10€

There are a lot of Cheap European Summer Destinations! You just have to know which destination to pick to travel on budget, and which city you should completely avoid. We at Gomio collected for you the 18 cheapest European Summer Destinations for under 10€ – yes, under 10€! This price is unbeatable to experience and discover the European Summer on budget! You will see that it doesn’t take a lot of money to get to know the continent of Europe.

Europe under 10 EURO on Hostels

There is this fun quote by Susan Heller which says “When preparing to travel, lay out all your clothes and all your money. Then take half the clothes and twice the money.“. We agree on the clothes part, but not on the money part. Let’s get started with a city rich on culture and worldwide known: Athens!

18. Athens, Greece 10€/ $13

How about traveling to Athens? For just 10€ you can stay at a hostel in the city center of Athens and walk up to Acropolis, the famous citadel. You can find and book the hostels in Athens here.

Hostels in Athens

17. Crete, Greece 10€, $13

Crete can be also a cheap place to visit. Approximately 260 km long and 60 km wide, Crete is the largest of the Greek islands Crete, and has a lot to discover. You can find and book the cheapest hostels in Crete here with us.

16. Ios, Greece 10€/ $13

Our last Tip for Greece is the island of Ios. Here you can do mainly three things, according to backpackers: Party, Watersports, and visit Skarkos (unearthed a prehistoric settlement, find more information on wikitravel.org/ios). If you are looking for cheap accommodation Ios, check out our Hostels in Ios here.

Psssst: Watch out! There are Hostels with Swimming Pool in Ios!

Ios Hostels and Accommodation

15. Pristina, Kosovo 10€/ $13

Pristina is a very interesting city and place to visit and to understand the culture of East Europe. Discover the latest history of Kosovo and East Europe by visiting the Pristina Ethnographic museum, and The National Museum which is located in an Austro-Hungarian style building! And the best part: The National Museum is free! Find your cheap Hostel in Pristina here on Gomio.

Hostels in Pristina - Experience Kosovo

14. Zagreb, Croatia 10€/ $13

The capital of Croatia is located inside the country, far away from the stunning beaches and landscape of the Croatian coast. Never the less, Zagreb offers a wide range of interesting museums, churches, and tiny, hidden streets with beautiful galleries to visit. And who knows, maybe you will even have the time to visit the “poet who refuses to leave“? In Zagreb you will find a lots of great hostels with high standard. You will even be impressed how much ads of hostels you will see all over the main train station. Make sure you pick the right hostel to stay – if you need any help, contact us via Live Chat for a hostel recommendation. Find your cheap hostels in Zagreb here.

Cheap Hostels in Zagreb

13. Berlin, Germany 9,90€/ $12,50

Seriously, is there any need to promote Berlin? This city happened to be the centre of world history in the last decade and is THE cheap city to travel to in Europe, okay, there is also Poland! And there are also dozens of things to do for free e.g. visiting Brandenburger Gate, getting Free Tours, and hanging out at the Tempelhofer Park. Find your cheap Hostel in Berlin on Gomio.

Cheap Hostels in Berlin

12. Riga, Latvia 9,90€/ $12,50

Have you ever heard about Riga? This city is not just the capital of Latvia, it is also the largest city in the Baltic states. Riga holds approximately a third of the  population of Latvia. Reason enough to travel to Riga and experience it. Due to the history and location it might not be surprising that Riga is a bilingual city. Even the official language in Latvia is just the Latvian language, 50% of the people speak also Russian. You can find all Hostels in Riga here:

11. Kaunas, Lithuania 9€/ $12

Kaunas is the second biggest city of Lithuania and actually you will not believe how much it has to offer for its size. From “beaches”, to a decent nightlife, museums, and last but not least festivals like the Jazz Festival and International Modern Dance Festival. And as a special local tip for Kaunas: Climb up the Aleksotas Hill, from here your have a beautiful view to Kaunas Old Town. Check out all Budget Accommodations and Hostels in Kaunas here.

10. Krakow, Poland 8€/ $10

Any idea what you can see on this photo? It is: the main market in Krakow and it is huge! Take your time and check it out. But do not forget to try a beer in Poland. It is cheap, it is cold and it is delicious! Poland is one of the best countries in Europe for a great beer! Give it a try! Furthermore, Krakow and Poland in general has a high standard for Hostels. Hostels are usually very social, very clean, and last but not least: creative! Find all your hostels in Krakow here.

Hostels in Krakow

9. Wroclaw, Poland 8€/ $10

Beside Krakow, Wroclaw is also worth it to check out. Just 270km upper west, Wroclaw offers beautiful architecture and interesting events all over the year. One of the them is the “Festival of Good Beer” – do we need to add anything else?! Find all cheap hostels in Wroclaw on Gomio.

Cheap accommodation Wroclaw

8. Catania, Italy 8€/ $10

Have you ever visited a volcano in Europe? Catania is located on the eastern coast of Sicily, right at the foot of the famous volcano Mount Etna. And yet interesting enough, the biggest volcano in Europe is still active. Beside of visiting Mount Etna, we simply need to mention the  delicious food from Sicily. Make sure you try it! We at Gomio offer you the cheapest hostels in Catania here.

7. Ohrid, Macedonia 8€/ $10

Ohrid has 360 churches – for each day of the year! The nickname of Ohrid is the “Jerusalem of the Balkans“. Interesting local tip for Ohrid: Most of churches in Ohrid charge an entry fee, and for tourists it is normally double that what locals pay. Just take this into account. You can find all cheap hostels in Ohrid here.

Hostels in Ohrid

6. Vilnius, Lithuania 8€/ $10

Have you actually considered traveling to Lithuania? Vilnius, the capital and largest city of Lithuania, has an Old Town to discover, numerous churches like the Saint Anne’s Church, and you can even find guards in medieval dress outside the Presidential Palace. Find and book your cheap Hostel in Vilnius here.

5. Prague, Czech Republic 7€/ $8,50

Summer is a great time to visit Prague. People are on the street, local markets are opening, and what’s better than drinking an ice-cold Czech beer on a terrace in the old town? Find your cheap Hostels in Prague and get started right away. And, say hi  to John Lennon from Gomio!

Hostels in Prague

4. Poznán, Poland 7€/ $8,50

Another cheap city in Poland for hostel travelers is Poznán. This city is less-known than the bigger ones Warsaw, Wroclaw, and Krakow, but you might be surprised to hear that Poznán was the first capital of Poland. The city of Poznán is seen by many as the birthplace of the Polish nation. Check out your hostel in Poznán here.

Hostels in Poznan

3. Skopje, Macedonia 7€/ $8,50

The city of Skopje has always been a centre of power! Nowadays Skopje is the financial and political centre of Macedonia and with 600.000 inhabitants by far the biggest city in Macedonia. Skopje was founded by the Paeonians in the 3rd century B.C.E., and it was built for its strategic location. Later under the Romans the Macedonian capital was made administrative centre of the Dardanian Provinc. Even during the Byzantine centuries it got a lot of power. As you can see, the history of Skopje is key for the European and Asian history. If you are interested, check out Tours in Skopje specialized in history. For cheapest prices in budget accommodation, check out our cheap hostels in Skopje.

Cheap Hostels in Skopje

2. Warsaw, Poland 6€/ $7,20

On our second place is the beautiful city of Warsaw. And this city is still 1,75€ more “expensive” than the cheapest European Summer destination. You can find and book the coolest hostel in Warsaw here.

Cheap Hostels in Warsaw

1. Budapest 5€/$6,50

And here we are! The cheapest European summer destination is: Budapest! The capital of Hungary is famous for relaxing Hungarian spas, a colorful nightlife, and dozens of party backpackers! You can find all Party and regular Hostels in Budapest here.

Hostels in Budapest

Last but not least: Hostel Map

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Cheapest European Summer Destinations

We collected for you the 18 cheapest European Summer Destinations for under 10€ a bed in a hostel. The prices are an average for the prices in the destination. The prices can change for special events, and days (e.g. weekend). We wish you a great Summer and the coolest hostel experiences!

So? Where do you travel this summer? Tell us and leave us a comment!

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