Budget like a Backpacker: Tips to Travel Cheap

You can’t put a price on an invaluable experience like traveling, but you can do your best to keep the price down. A big part of the backpacking lifestyle is the backpacker ‘s budget, that is, trying to make your buck last all the way across the continent and back. You may be filled with wanderlust, but that doesn’t mean you have to be in want of any other, basic travel needs.

Here are some of the ways we’ve found to get creative while on the road, budget like a backpacker, and keep that cash from straying too far from your side:


1. Wander outside of the “Western World”

Many first-time backpackers stick to what they know, which typically includes Western European countries like Germany, Italy, France, Spain, and so on. However, because these are the most popular tourist destinations, they’re also the most expensive. Why not cross the line into Eastern European territory? Or what about Asia? Your money will last a lot longer in countries like Vietnam, South Korea, Bangladesh, Ukraine, and Hungary. Better yet, you’ll get the experience of a new culture and a radically different travel vibe. Book for instance your Hostel in Budapest starting from 7€. The hostel photo below shows Aboriginal Hostel in Budapest.

Budget like a Backpacker: Hostels in Budapest: The Aboriginal Hostel in Budapest


2. Book at Budget Hostels

Unless you don’t mind sleeping on the streets, budget hostels are the absolute cheapest form of travel accommodation you can find. When choosing a hostel, check into the hostels’ amenities and take into consideration additional benefits that might bolster your budget such as free breakfast, free walking tours, or free laundry. Many travelers make the mistake of assuming that “budget” hostels mean substandard hostels, however, this is simply not correct. Lower cost does not mean lower quality, and budget hostels are the preferred cheap and social choice for travel accommodation.
Stay in a Hostel in Santiago de Chile from 9€ on: The Terra Extremus Hostel in Santiago de Chile.

Cheap Hostels in Santiago de Chile: Terra Extremus Hostel
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3. Pre-game before you Party

There’s nothing worse than waking up to check your wallet in the morning, only to find that you’ve dropped a horrendous wad of cash on the previous night’s bar tab. Does this mean you should lower your alcohol intake to save money abroad? Of course not! We say, have a good time, just make sure to pre-game before you party. If you simply buy some beers to drink at the hostel before you go to the bar, you can cut your bar tab in half. Liquor up before you leave, then you’ll only have to buy two, one, or zero drinks at bars with jacked up prices.
In fact there a lot of hostels with an integrated hostel bar. Check out if your Hostel is running a bar on their own like the Clink78 Hostel in London and you can save some more bugs.

Budget like a Backpacker - Hostel Bar: Clink78 Hostel in London


4. Hitchhike

There’s a second reason why Hitch Hikers have their thumbs up, and that’s because they’re saving money on traveling. Not everyone may feel comfortable catching rides with strangers, but if you’re in a pair and traveling relatively short to mid-sized distances, it’s an easy way to slash your transportation costs. As a female traveler, I personally spent a month this summer hitchhiking around Normandy, France. Not only did I never feel uncomfortable or unsafe, but I also had the unique opportunity to practice my French, get to know locals, and add some interesting stories and characters to my trip!


5. Be Smart with your Smartphone

Stay connected with friends and family back home without racking up the phone bills. By connecting to free Wi-Fi with your smartphone, you can chat all you want through email or Voip calls like Skype. Smartphones also offer many cool social travel apps. Use Gogobot to send free postcards, Qype and Yelp to search for the restaurants with the best price and food based on other users’ ratings, download free maps and audio guides, or use FourSquare to earn venue discounts or free stuff.

Budget like a Backpacker: Hostel Application: Godashboard!


5. Go with the Free Flow

A good budget backpacker always has their eyes peeled for what’s going on that’s free. Gomio’s GoDashboard helps you to stay informed on local events so you can sift through more authentic, and less expensive, entertainment and cultural options in the area. Check with the tourist office or ask some of the hostel staff for recommendations or if there are certain days or certain sights that are free. (For example, some cities have museums open free-of-charge for the public one day each month.) Many attractions like parks, churches, and beaches are free to visit, and many hostels offer free tours around the city.


6. Make your own Meals

Of course you’re going to want to eat at restaurants to taste the local cuisine, and you certainly should. But you can balance the cost of meals out by also eating meals in if you choose to stay at a hostel with a community kitchen. If you’re feeling extra ambitious, look up recipes of local dishes to make with the farmer market’s local, fresh ingredients! Cook your food for instance in the big kitchen at Be Hostels Mar in Barcelona.

Hostel kitchen Be Hostels Mar Barcelona

8. Schedule during the Off-Season

By traveling to a destination during it’s off season, not only will you save a lot of money on plane tickets and accommodation, but you will also be relieved to have some additional room to breathe away from the hordes of tourists. Staying through the off-season is the best opportunity to really get to know a city’s local life, local people, and help to minimize the “tourist traps.”

Travel to Madrid during February and March and it will be a lot cheaper than during the season. The U Hostel Madrid has here off season prices!

Cheap Hostel in Madrid: The UHostel Madrid, Spain at Gomio.com


9. Book your hostel smart!

Booking your hostel with gomio.com, you are not paying any booking fee, niente nada nichts! In fact, you are also getting Free Access to the Hostel Travel Application GoDashBoard to provide you useful information through a powerful backpacking tool to connect to backpacker who else will be there, and to meet locals. Jump through our Slider at Gomio.com to get more information about GoDashBoard.

Cheap Hostel Booking with Gomio: No Booking Fee and Free Social Travel Tool GoDashBoard


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Budget like a Backpacker and don’t miss anything!

The backpacker’s budget, and backpacking spirit, are all about thrift. Using the little money you have to the most of its travel ability is rewarding to your wallet, but also to your memories. So don’t let the budget blues get you down, there are many creative solutions to save money and travel cheap!

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