Best Travel Videos about Cuba

If you are looking for great Videos about Cuba, this is the place to be. We collected useful and impressive Videos about Cuba. Our summary of Cuba videos are about beautiful Cuban Beaches, Cuban culture, backpacking tips, and more. Take your time, check them out and get prepared for a trip to an amazing country and island.

Welcome to Cuba

Welcome to Cuba – breath-taking videos from Cuba combined with classical Cuban music. This video makes you wanna jump in the next  plane  to Cuba and experience the Caribbean Island.

Cuba Libre

Young people traveling around Cuba and experiencing the island. Here you will get impressions about the young travel lifestyle in Cuba. Enjoy!

Casa particular en Matanzas. La Villa Soñada.

Comandante Che Guevaaaaara” – La Villa Soñada is an easy-going Hostel in Matanzas, around 100km westwards from Havana. They produced this video together with their international customers. Have a look on the terrace parties, the salsa dancing, and the parrots.

Cuba Travel Guide – Dos and Don’ts

This short video tells you about dos and don’ts for Cuba. Here you will find some very basic tips about traveling in cuba. Here in a nutshell:

5 Dos for Cuba:

1) Do learn a few Spanish.

2) Do bring sunglasses, hat, and enough sunscreen.

3) Do take care about your wallet and passports at crowded places.

4) Do save 25 Pesos in Cash for departure tax at the airport.

5) Do take extra care when driving in Cuba. Traffic accidents which results in injury or death of third parties are treated as a crime.

5 Don’ts for Cuba

1) Do not drink tab water although it is drinkable.

2) Do not carry excessive amount of cash.

3) Do not littering, which is against the law.

4) Do not travel alone by night nor stay out late at night.

5) Do not take photographs of military, police men or installations.

Varadero Beach, Cuba

Some impressions about the Varadero Beach in Cuba. Lovely shots, makes you wanna travel to this beach right away.

Top 10 Attractions for Havana, Cuba

This us a very useful guide to get Top 10 Attractions for Havana, the Cuban capital.

10. Old Havana

9. Transportation.

8. El Capitolio

7. Authentic Cuban Music.

6. El Morro including a history museum inside.

5. Cuban Cigars.

4. San Cristobal Cathedral

3. Revolution Square

2. Castle of the Royal Force

1. Malecón

Documentary “Surfing to Baracoa, Cuba”

This is a highly interesting 25-minute documentary about the surfing scene in Cuba. It gives an overview about the surfers and the culture, and what difficulties they have to face. Even this documentary is just available in Spanish, the power of the images itself is very impressive.

Amateur Travel Video

This is a very interesting video, made by travelers visiting Cuba in 2013. They show you playing kids in the streets, interesting local markets, some weird painted mountains, and everything else, traveler will experience. It is a nice video with authentic impressions around Cuba as it produced by non-marketers. Watch this Cuba Video to get prepared for the atmosphere in Cuba.

Havana Old Town – street photography & exploring

This video is more professional and produced by Matt Granger. It’s still a lil bit shacky, but here you have comments, and tips as well. With 30 minutes it’s quite long, but if you are really considering traveling to Cuba, it will be worth it to spend this time!

5 Things to see in Havana

Kilroy presents 5 Things to see in Havana. 5 people from around the world tell you their favorite thing to see in Cuba.

If you are interested in more backpacking information about cuba, just visit our Backpacking Cuba 101 Guide here.

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