Awesome Social Travel Apps Part 2

During a backpacking tour you don’t want to waste energy on carrying heavy luggage with you, neither do you want to waste your time, or paper, shuffling through dozens of books for information. Instead, take your SmartPhone and download some great mobile Social Travel Apps to be up-to-date and ready to hit the road. Just take care to guard your tools from thieves – sadly not a joke!

Read on to see what creative, cool things can happen when you blend social media with technology and travel – travel with the help of some cool Social Travel Apps:


3. FourSquare

For when you want to keep your own schedule free to wander, but would be down for others to join you along the way – your mobile, local map.

Foursquare as a Social Travel App? Yes, we admit that sometimes FourSquare can get annoying by its mere addictive qualities, but it’s addictive for good reason.  You’re earning points and working toward venue discounts and free stuff just by “checking in” at your usual traveling stops.  Sharing your location is also a virtual, open invitation for nearby friends and acquaintances to join you, and thus a great opportunity to welcome more social travel experiences.

For those of you who don’t understand how Foursquare works, it is a geographical-location based app for your smart phone that has users “check into”, or share, their location with friends.  Locations can virtually encompass any place, including restaurants, bars, clubs, beaches, etc. Checking into different locations, or into the same location a set number of times, awards you points that can be used to earn discounts or free stuff offered by those locations. Better yet, if you are the user who has checked into a location the most out of everyone, then you become the ¨Mayor¨ of that location, and gain access to even more exclusive deals. Make sure you check out ¨promotions¨ of restaurants and bars next to you and get a damn good milkshake or cold beer for free!


4. Audio Guides

For when you want to know the history and cultural significance of a site, but are just too lazy to read about it – for the audio lovers.

Social Travel Apps for Backpackers - Audio GuideFree audio guide applications are everywhere, so there really is no excuse for being an ignorant tourist who doesn’t have the slightest clue about the local meaning behind “the pretty building” in your travel photos.

True, we whole-heartedly agree that some of the best traveling adventures often take place when you haven’t spent weeks researching and scouring information about your destinations, or when you don’t even have a set destination at all, but we are also avid fans of audio guides because they make it quick and accessible to be informed about the cultural and historic weight of local sites as you stumble upon them. Exploring new travel sites is similar to meeting new people in the sense that you can’t truly know or understand a stranger without hearing their back story first. There’s no shame in not knowing something! Check out your destination and if there is any cool Audio Guide to travel with cool Social Travel Apps!

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